JOB HUNT 04 June 2019
Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer
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Jeff Smith

Millennials are known for job hopping, but is it true? The telling factor may have to do with jobs not matching their goals and interests, making a different job seem more attractive. Since 43% of millennials plan to leave their job within the next two years, it’s critical that they know how to evaluate a job offer to make sure it’s the best fit.
JOB HUNT 19 February 2019
20 Interview Tips from Executives
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Emily Banks

This article is a collection of tips and best practices on how to ace your job interview from experienced hiring professionals.
JOB HUNT 18 February 2019
What If You Don’t Get the Job
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Monica Chen

What if you don't get the job? What do you do when all the effort you are putting into your own job hunt doesn’t really seem to be paying off? With all the tips on how to prepare to “sell yourself” in job interviews, why does it seem like no one talks in detail about all the interviews they went through where they didn’t get the job--the interviews after which they didn’t even receive a follow-up interaction? How did they find the job they finally ended up at?
JOB HUNT 11 February 2019
How to Ace a Job Interview
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Emily Banks

The job interview is your opportunity to make your best, in-person, first impression. It is key to make a positive and lasting impression as you are meeting your potential boss and possibly even some of your future coworkers. Stay cool, calm and collected and to not to let the importance of the situation overwhelm you. Before interviewing, take the time to do a bit of research on each company so that you have a better gauge of the culture and vibe of the business. Prepare examples to highlight your strengths and personality while keeping in mind the company values so employers are impressed with what you bring to the table and are eager to learn more about you.
JOB HUNT 04 February 2019
How to Stop Procrastination When Job Hunting
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Britta Greenhalgh
Marketing Assistant
We always enjoy working with candidates. We have been around long enough to see what has helped candidates find success when job hunting. We have also seen what has negatively affected their experiences and performances. The biggest problem we found when with working with candidates is those who procrastinate had a difficult time finding success. Instead of putting off more things, try these few tips to help you get back on track and land your dream job.
JOB HUNT 05 January 2019
5 Job Search Tips to Use When You're Under Qualified for a Job
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Teresa Brashear

You’ve read plenty of job postings that sound like great jobs. The only problem is that you don’t quite measure up in the eyes of the employer. Maybe you meet 85% of the job expectations and miss out on the other 15%. Perhaps you have all the skills required except one or you’re shy on number of years of experience. How will you ever get your foot in the door?
JOB HUNT 22 December 2018
How to Write a Perfect CV for the Job of Your Dream
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Peter Hill

You finally have the opportunity to use your CV for the job of your dreams. That’s awesome. But how can you make sure that your CV will land you an immediate interview? There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration while writing the “perfect” resume, many of which you haven’t even thought about.
JOB HUNT 11 December 2018
Qualities Graduates Should Possess While Applying for a Job
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Michelle Lambert

Good grades from a college or university and working experience will definitely get you an interview, but that doesn't mean you are guaranteed a job. So what do employers look for that will help you get a job? Apart from being qualified for the job, Employers look for qualities that will benefit the company, fellow colleagues and customers.
JOB HUNT 21 November 2018
Selling Yourself: Quick Start Guide for New Job Seekers
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Eva Benoit

Today’s job market is tighter than ever, and with so many vacant positions, it can seem like catching fish in a barrel. But it’s not that easy. You still have to put in some effort if you want to catch -- and keep -- your dream job.
JOB HUNT 05 November 2018
How to be Self-motivated When Searching For a Job
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Erica Sunarjo
Guest Poster
At some point in their lives, every person starts looking for a job. Some people get really lucky and find the perfect place for themselves literally days after they started their job-seeking campaign. But others spend months or even years, hoping to find that employer, who wants to hire them. It can be depressing at times, especially when all the effort doesn't bring in quick results. This is when people start losing their hope and motivation. So we prepared a list of advice for you on how to gain that self-confidence back and motivate yourself.
JOB HUNT 13 June 2018
7 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search
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Lucy Benton
Social media is an important element in our lives. It opens up new doors and it helps us connect with different job agencies, employers, and recruiters. If you are looking for the perfect job for you, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter got your back. Most of the biggest companies nowadays use these influential online platforms to hire the right people.
JOB HUNT 30 April 2018
Project Manager Cover Letter: Why You Need One to Get the Job
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Elizabeth Heron
Guest Poster
Cover letters are long past the time when they were additional or unnecessary to an application file. Today, recruiters read them closely and sometimes they select potential interviewers based on the cover letters. They make your resume look more human and might get you the job if compiled professionally. A project manager cover letter may decide whether you are called for an interview or your resume ends up in an unfriendly pile.
JOB HUNT 27 March 2018
5 Hints on How to Write a LinkedIn Profile for Outreach Success
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Kevin Nelson

An interesting statistic reveals that 71% of professionals view LinkedIn as a credible site for professional content. It is, therefore, a popular social media platform for a professional network. The number of its registered accounts for continues to grow with every passing day. Whether you are job hunting, networking or gathering leads, having a professional LinkedIn profile that is eye-catching is an excellent idea to make sure that you are visible to the right people at the right time.
JOB HUNT 20 June 2018
3 things that will make your Resume stand out
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Isabella Ang
Salt Lake City
With our ever increasingly competitive workforce, in order to compete with others, you’re going to have to stand out! With your resume typically being the first thing recruiters look at, you have to find a way to make your resume be noticed among the hundreds of others they are getting.
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
JOB HUNT 05 February 2018
How to Write Your Millennial Resume That Stands out to Hiring Managers
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Christina Battons

Millennials seem to be having the hardest time when it comes to crafting their resumes so as to be noticed by recruiters. This is becoming especially more competitive in today’s job market, thus the need to write the best resume that one could possibly write. With the many graduates that are joining the job market in recent times, and the rate of new jobs coming up not meeting the demand, the job market is just not just what it used to be for the previous generations.
JOB HUNT 15 September 2017
10 Best Cities For Young Professionals Seeking Work-Life Balance
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Megan Wells

Among the 500-plus area in the United States for young professionals, we’ve taken data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Zillow, and Redfin to determine the top ten cities for young professionals that are looking for the ideal work-life balance. Stats such as average rent, unemployment, and walkability determine their rankings compared to other cities.
JOB HUNT 16 June 2017
Top 4 Soft Skills Job Seekers Are Missing
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Kelly Nguyen

However, your soft skills aren’t so great. Maybe you’re just not good at working with others or you just can’t take criticism very well. Regardless, there are a lot of different soft skills. But does having soft skills really make a difference on whether or not you can get the job?
Following up with employers during recruitment
JOB HUNT 31 May 2017
How To Follow Up with Employers During The Recruitment Process
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Natalie Severt
United States
Haven’t heard back from your hiring manager or recruiter? Following up with them to ask about their decision is somewhat of a catch-22 situation.
job hunt tools
JOB HUNT 29 May 2017
5 Tools to Make The Job Hunt Easier
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Sandra Rodgers
Marketer at CometDocs
Ontario, CA
Millennials have been looking for jobs for a while now, and statistics say that most people change jobs 10 to 15 times during their career. We’ve gathered 5 tools that will help you catch up, and land that big job you’ve been chasing
tech 2017
JOB HUNT 26 April 2017
Top 5 Tech Careers in 2017
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Kelly Nguyen

If you’re a college grad or looking to change for a job in the field of technology, guess what – you’re in luck! Tech professionals are currently in high demand to fill open tech positions.
top tech careers 2017
JOB HUNT 26 April 2017
Breaking Down Tech: Top 5 Tech Careers in 2017
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Kelly Nguyen

If you’re a college grad or looking to change for a job in the field of technology, guess what – you’re in luck! Tech professionals are currently in high demand to fill open tech positions.
How to Showcase Transferable Skills for a Career Change
JOB HUNT 05 April 2017
How to Showcase Transferable Skills for a Career Change
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Sarah Landrum
Guest Poster
Transferable skills are abilities or talents that you’ve developed during your participation in many duties and activities. When shifting to a different department or a whole new industry, your job is to show why you are the best match from your digital presence to your in-person interview.
first job, finding your first job
JOB HUNT 22 March 2017
Why You'll Need More Than a Diploma to Land Your First Job
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Michael Barry
Editor-In-Chief at
Boston, MA
The job market is competitive for all ages, in all disciplines. As a result, more qualified employees are interviewing for entry-level jobs. What does that mean for entry-level applicants coming straight from Frisbee on the quad?
JOB HUNT 08 February 2017
How to Sell Yourself in The Job Search
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Erica Hipp

At some point in time all of us have been or will be on the job hunt. Whether you’re a graduating college or looking for job openings or a seasoned company employee looking for a promotion, we could all use a few tips for how to impress your interviewee
new job, job hunt, career search
JOB HUNT 18 January 2017
Top 3 Variables to Test When Applying for a New Job
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Gisel Malek
Content Marketer
It’s a competitive world out there. Your job hunt may go something like this: See a job you like by scrolling through a website. You go through the application process, attach your resume and move on to the next one.