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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
Your social media can be your key to success
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Brendan Chen
Branding Intern

People often think of social media sites as their own personal circle. However, according to Time’s magazine, 93% of recruiters and employers go on social media sites to learn more about their candidates’ personal lives. What you post on your social media can actually make or break your job opportunity. It is basically the same as having a website about you. Here are a few do’s and dont’s that everyone should pay attention to. 

#1 Do have a social media account.

Reading what I just wrote, you may be scared to even have a social media account. However, it is better to have one than to not have one. According to Kalibrr Job Board, 79% of employers look at people’s Linkedin before making the hiring decision. Linkedin is a professional social media site that allows you to share your skills and experiences for your future employers. It is also very important to actually engage on social media. You want recruiters to know that you can apply your skills on current topics. Share relevant posts and engage in discussions on communities is the easiest way to achieve that. 

#2 Be connected 

For Linkedin, you can choose to connect with those you know. This is very important because a recruiter is more likely to hire you than another candidate if they see that you are already a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree connection to his or her own personal account. Your connection there could also give in a good word or two to help you land your job. Now because of your network, you have a job. Furthermore, working on platforms like Prosky can help you stay connected with companies. Creating candidate profiles in with this application will allow serious attention to be driven to you because Prosky is partnered with over 60 universities and hundreds of companies in high-growth industries, I am sure we could drive some serious attention and new readers to your site in the process. 

#3 Polish your account. 

It is beneficial for you to polish your account with halo activities. Halo activities are achievements that can give your employer a better impression just by looking at your social media account. Put on volunteering experience or a time when you donated money to support a good cause can give yourself a better first perception of your personality. These type of info left 65% of employers walking away with a positive belief about your nature. 

#4 Watch out for spelling/grammar mistakes.

Recruiters don’t only look at your Linkedin, according to Pew Research 66% of them look for your Facebook and 52% of them search for your Twitter. Just because those are not your professional social media accounts does not mean you should make simple spelling and grammar mistakes. Mistakes like those often indicate that you do not know proper English. In a nation that uses English as the common tongue, you want to show that you are fluent and performing well in this field should require no effort. 

#5 Red Flag.

Rule of thumb, if you don’t want your parents to see your posts, don’t post it on your social media. Refrain from posting anything related to any type of profanity, illegal drugs reference, sexual posts, political affiliation, alcohol, and guns. Anything like those can potentially lower your rank when an employer is deciding who to hire because controversial and sensitive statements could offend people's beliefs. In this time when job finding is very competitive, you want to be doing everything you can to be appealing to recruiters. Instead, you should focus on putting time and effort in polishing your facebook account with halo activities. 

 Reading this is probably stressing you out. Now there are restrictions on what you should and shouldn’t do on your own personal social media, but this is all beneficial to you. Managing your social media sites can provide the support employers need to hire you. You social media accounts could accurately convey your background and experiences that match up with job qualifications. You could also mold your online persona to match up with recruiters’ company culture. Most importantly, you want employers to think that you are professional and can be a great asset to the company. Overall, don’t stress out too much. The essential idea is to show recruiters that you are fun and also professional for the field you are applying for.