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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
Personal Branding Tips to Help you be Successful
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Brittanei Cain

You’re sitting on Twitter, tweeting the day away as life passes you by. "What am I doing with myself? Do people actually care what I’m tweeting about?" These are common questions that you may quietly be asking yourself.

Truth is, your personal brand cares about what you’re saying and what you are doing with yourself. Your online brand can easily tarnish your everyday brand. Your brand is not just what you believe you are, it’s about what the WORLD thinks of YOU. What makes you special? Why do people follow you? 

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a better brand, better progress, and better understanding of your overall wellbeing.

1. If there’s a controversial hashtag trending, stay far away from it.

Let the Twitter trolls outshine you for this once. Just last week, I saw a young lady tweet about certain types of schools and that no one would hire them because of the type of school they went to. Boy, was she wrong! In a matter of minutes, she was discredited for the work that she had done on Twitter, called out by her employer, and hundreds of angry tweeters in her mentions. I wanted to help her and simply tell her to put the phone down but it was just too late.

Think before you tweet because even though she deleted her profile, screenshots live forever and so does unemployment. If there’s something controversial that you are itching to tweet about, do it in a professional way that doesn’t aim to offend a particular group. Although you have the first amendment, your actions can still be judged.

2. Check out your pictures!

What are they representing? Do they say that you’re a college student who is involved with organizations or does it say that you’re a party animal with no regards to other humans? You decide your fate! As the quote says " A picture is worth a thousand words." Make sure those words are happy, inspiring and brand oriented. Show yourself playing a sport! Create your own flat layers when you are relaxing and doing work at home. People want an inside scoop inside your life but only give them what you’re most proud of! 

3. Do a sweep of your profiles to make sure there’s no inappropriate content.

I’m sure we have made a few mistakes on the Internet before but they don’t have to be all tarnishing. Maybe everyone overlooked them, maybe you didn’t have many followers at the time but your lucky! Google yourself and make sure you have the correct image you want to portray. Check your privacy settings and make sure that your friends aren’t posting inappropriate content about you! Make sure that you regulate what is seen by others. Click HERE to read more about cleaning up your social media profiles. Or, better yet, sign up to take on of ProSky’s social media training courses!

No matter who you are, your online presence is important. People Google you upon interviews, classes, or even dates. Don’t be the guy with the terrible online presence and great resume to lose your dream job. 

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