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CAREER / 14 December 2016
What Is ProSky? – The Start of Climbing your Career Ladder!
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Crystal Huang

Did you know that just last year, there were over 20 million college students and yet only 1 million internships were completed? 

Did you know that in order to get a great internship nowadays, you need EXPERIENCE? 

Did you know that almost half of all students who completed internships either did not gain experience in their chosen career or were dissatisfied with their internship? 

Well, we found out about all of that and through many projects and pairing of companies and students, we realized we were still missing an essential tool – skills-training for the students to be successful in the projects they are working on! We started conducting online training series that teach both technical and employable skills to students. Our students learn these vital skills while collaborating in teams, to practice what they learn on a real-time project for an actual company. We have ProSky coaches and mentors who help guide our students to success from beginning to end. We have completed over 60 projects with companies like LinkedIn, Stance, Benessere Foundation and so many more. 

Our students come from universities like Cornell, Stanford, BYU, Wesleyan, and Brown. 

We teach technical skills like SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Engineering, Sales, to name a few. Understanding and working to be an expert in these fields have proven to be lucrative as there are not many individuals with such niche digital skill-sets. In addition to these technical skills, our students learn to lead teams and develop important skills like time management, collaboration, self-motivation & discipline, analytics, creativity, and innovation. 

As you LEARN these skills, DO these projects, you get to NETWORK with students across the nation as well as industry professionals. Imagine doing just 2 series a year from the time you start college. By the time you are ready to graduate, you would have completed 8 projects for 8 different companies and would have worked with over 70 peers and mentors. You would have one foot in the door in all 8 companies and the ability to reach out to your growing network for referrals and networking opportunities. 

We hope you will join us today and PROSKY your way to your dream career!