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CAREER / 14 December 2016
True Life: I’m Involved in a Non-Traditional Internship
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Kimiya Jafari

You’re a college student, you get good grades, are on numerous organizations and teams, you even run the school’s debate team. You still feel like you should be doing more, and feel as if something essential is missing from your life: an internship. 

As college students, gaining internship experience is like an unspoken rule that everybody seems to follow because they believe they have to. In reality, internships are a chance for students to gain hands-on experience in the field(s) they are studying or interested in. It is something to take advantage of when given the opportunity to work for an organization or company. However, what happens when you are offered an internship position but not able to accept because of time, location or schedule conflicts? Don’t worry, there’s a solution for this problem.

 In this day and age, where almost everything is available to us through the virtual world, students around the nation have a chance to gain the experience needed for their careers in a different way. Today, an increasing number of businesses and companies are turning to virtual internships as assets to their teams. 

What kind of internships can become virtual, you’re wondering? Well, with the right planning and management, almost any internship could easily become a virtual internship position. So, whatever career path you’re riding on, your internship is right there next to you on the ride. 

A virtual or remote internship, or, in other words a non-traditional internship, consists of gaining work experience without physically being at a company’s headquarters. These interns communicate with their company using technological resources such as phone calls, email, instant messaging, chat rooms, web meetings, and so on. For a virtual intern, the office is anywhere that includes a laptop and the desperately beloved, WiFi. 

There are so many ways that a remote internship can be beneficial to students. One thing that stands out is that students are able to balance their busy lives while still gaining the skills and knowledge from the company they are working for. You get the best of both worlds, from the comfort of your own home. With that being said, here are five convincing reasons why you should consider a virtual internship: 

1. You choose your own schedule - Becoming a remote intern means you have the option of choosing work shifts that fit best with your schedule. Are you a part of numerous organizations on campus? Part of a sports team? Have class all day? No worries, just pick time slots that don’t interfere with your other priorities!

2. Little to no costs - Most virtual internships require you to work from a place that has wireless connection, some even say you can work from your phone. No need to dress professionally, buy a car, or go out of your way to get to a certain place to work on your projects.

3. Limited supervision - Since you’re not in an office or around superiors, you don’t feel nervous or afraid you will do something wrong on the job. In fact, you are your own boss when you’re a virtual intern. It is your duty to turn in things on time, edit, and make sure everything is perfect before sending it over to your supervisor. Nobody is watching over you like a hawk telling you what to do and not to do.

4. Familiar communication - These days, if someone tells you they don’t have social media accounts, the look on your face might be priceless. Today’s interns are most likely very comfortable communicating online/virtually. They might even know beneficial online tactics they can share with their superiors at the company

5. Same experience. - You shouldn’t think that non-traditional internships take less time and effort than traditional internships. As a non-traditional intern, you are responsible for similar if not the same exact intern tasks as a traditional intern. Maybe you’re considered even luckier than the old-school, traditional intern.

Now that you’re aware of all the reasons you should give non-traditional internships a chance, what are you waiting for? If you want to learn more skills to get a head start on that internship search from the comforts of your own room, try out ProSky’s online training courses like the social media marketing course

There are thousands of internships out there, all you have to do is find the one that’s a best fit for you, your career goals and your schedule. So get out there, start searching and find the perfect internship!