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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
Tips and Tricks to Demonstrate Leadership in your Workplace
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Marianna Dowell
Branding Intern

Today, many companies hire individuals with leadership traits or skills. The problem is, not everyone has a lot of experience with demonstrating leadership in any capacity. Regardless of where you feel your leadership skill level is, you can still learn how to demonstrate what you have in your workplace. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use:

Know that you have TWO ears, TWO eyes, and ONE mouth for a reason:

To be a leader, it’s often best to understand that it’s better to listen than to speak. Observing your boss or supervisor can tell you volumes about their style of leadership. Take all that you can learn from what your boss does well as a leader, and if they have faults try to make sure that you don’t have the same ones. If you are the leader of your group, make sure you are always open to collaboration. Being a well rounded leader means listening to everyone no matter what position they are in.

Take the Initiative:

I always believe in taking the initiative. Many  amazing leaders became leaders because they stepped out of their comfort zone and took a step not many would take. For example, volunteer to do projects, presentations, or be an active participant in meetings. If you find it hard to learn leadership skills in your workplace, you could also learn them by doing one of our many projectships with Prosky (all you have to do is fill out a profile)! This will enable you to grow and learn things that might not be readily available in the job you have at the moment (like critical thinking and project management skills), and even bring your experience back to your workplace to influence others.

Be Amicable:

Amicable means to be friendly, and not overly upset or disappointed when something doesn’t go your way. There will be days where nothing goes right even if you work really hard. Leaders that keep a good attitude and don’t doubt themselves are the leaders that end up with a finished product that is amazing. Roll with the punches.

Overall, the workplace is a great way to practice Collaborative Leadership. Being a great leader means sometimes taking responsibility for a failed project, or campaign. However, being the one responsible for the team can also be an amazing experience if it goes well. It can show your supervisors or boss what you are made of. If they know that you can handle a little, they will be less wary about giving you a lot, which can lead to many open doors for you in the future. Demonstrating leadership is very simple, but takes a whole lot of willpower. If you are willing to work hard, you can be a great leader in your workplace. If you’re having any trouble demonstrating leadership in your workplace, I encourage you to join Prosky! Joining Prosky gives you access to all the different projectships, and training modules that we have available. This way you can learn what other companies are looking for, and bring it back to your workplace!