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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
Thrive Don’t Just Survive (GIVEAWAY ALERT)
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Hannah Son
Content Writer
Redondo Beach

Wherever you are in life, everyone, regardless of age or occupation wants to be living a better life–their best life.  We all have moments during our lives where we encounter challenges, but how do you overcome it? How do you thrive and not just survive? Why do some people seem to thrive while others are barely surviving?  Well, to answer those questions, we first have to define what “thrive” and “survive” actually mean.

According to “Thrive” means to prosper; be fortunate or successful OR to grow or develop vigorously; flourish. On the other hand, the word “Survive” means to remain or continue in existence or use. To flourish and to exist...What a waste to just “exist,” here at CareerBuzz, we want you to be able to flourish and thrive. Let’s continue defining. 

Many people equate thriving with success and they strive for the two traditional metrics: money and power. Money and power (although are measures of success,) pale in comparison to well-being: More than just enjoying life, we should partake in activities that add meaning to our lives and allow us to exceed just existing. Thriving means we must audit our lives and learn lessons from our experiences to help us grow. 

Now that we have formalities out of the way here are some helpful tips for living a fantastic life and thriving in every situation. Trust us, you don’t have to merely exist in school or work or life–you can thrive!

1. Practice gratitude:

 thriving means being thankful on a daily basis. Make it a point to think of three things each day that you are grateful for (you can count our awesome “Thrive Don’t Just Survive” GIVEAWAY as one of them!). Each day, think of something new–don’t repeat the same thing twice.  Eventually this becomes a habit and you will begin to view life looking for the blessings instead of focusing on the negatives. This can also help you boost morale and overall productivity in life. 

When you catch yourself focusing on negativity, make a conscious effort to think of something positive–quickly.  Pay attention to how many times you catch yourself thinking or focusing on things that detract, dis-empower, or do not enhance your way of life.

2. Be yourself, express yourself: 

Living authentically is the best way to live an amazing and powerful life. If you are in an office setting but want to express yourself through fashion, do it! There are always ways for you to show your true colors and express yourself. Colorful socks or a pop of color on your tie never hurt anyone. It is possible to express yourself through clothing in any office setting.  If you want to jazz up your workspace, add those details that help you to be you. Interested in Anime? Get some anime inspired office supplies. Love the color green? Add some posters or desk accessories into the mix! Check out our GIVEAWAY for a chance to win some awesome office decor, a daily planner from Day Designer and desk art from Fresh Prints of CT. Their philosophy is to honor self-expression in all its forms. Whether you are looking to decorate the office or bring some color into your study space, Fresh Prints hopes to speak to you and your personal sense of style.

3. Always keep learning: 

Learn about yourself, learn about others, learn new skills.  If people lack vitality at work but are learning they will likely hit a wall and feel depleted. On the flip side, if someone has lots of energy at the office but no opportunities to learn and grow, they are likely to feel stagnated. If your work is failing to teach you then take actions into your own hands and learn skills online like (marketing, coding, sales, you name it!)

Feeling uninspired at work? You’re not alone. Only 30 percent of employees in the U.S. feel engaged at the office, according to a 2013 Gallup report. Research shows engagement—being involved, committed, passionate, focused and energetic—has a clear impact on job performance as well as life outside the office. So, keep yourself on your toes and always grow your skills both interpersonal and technical. A great place to start learning some in demand skills is ProSky's training courses page! 

4. Make time for fun and relaxation: 

So many people take life way too seriously!  Life is a balance–work and play.  Make time for work as well–something that provides value for others.  Having a purpose provides a sense of well-being in your life.

 Your body needs good food and regular exercise no matter how much you want to argue about it or ignore it.  At 90, you’ll be thanking yourself you took good care of it! Check out our giveaway for some awesome snacks and other healthy goods!  

Do something that you love, whether it’s a hobby, learning a new skill or finding a job you love. This adds so much more to your life when you are taking part in something that you actually lose track of time when you are doing it, or you look forward to it because it is challenging you to bring out your best.

To thrive means so much more than the acquisition of money and power. By redefining the elements of success, it's possible not to fall into the trap that so many others have fallen victim too. Don’t just survive and exist. Use this as the beginning of your thriving life and enjoy the fruits of your flourishing life. After all, what's the point of a successful life if you're not able to enjoy it? Don't forget to enter our giveaway for great prizes that will help you THRIVE!

Thrive Don't Just Survive