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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Think Before You Jump Into Your Job Search
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Jonathan Cula
Branding Intern

Before you dive into the tedious, patience-commanding journey, that is job-seeking... it is imperative that you do thorough THINKING. There are several things you'll need to think about, and we're here to walk you through it. 

A bit of advice before you commence, is to not stress. I know that’s easier said than done, but I promise that you’ll be happier with your end result when you realize that you did it your way, and stress-free. It’ll make the overall process more seamless, as well. 

Let's start by breaking down the different things you need to always keep in mind:

  1. Kind of job: this one has a couple of categories. First, you want to figure out what kind of position you want to hold. This can range from, marketing, to sales, to journalism, to accounting. You'll probably get a good idea from your college major. Then, you'll want to figure out if you want a full-time job, part-time job or internship. It's important to really have this step solved before moving on because it will simplify things as you go along. 

  2. Pay, culture, benefits (company): what kind of salary are you looking for? (College degree can be helpful to determine pay, too). Then you want to find out what work setting and culture you're after. An executive office? A sports stadium? A zoo? Formal? Informal? It's important to know where you'll want to spend those 40 weekly hours. You should feel comfortable and at home at your workplace so you can always be happy. Next, you'll want to think about what benefits you want to receive from your job, and this will also help you narrow down your options. Benefits range from medical benefits to 401(k)'s, leave policies and anything else you deem applicable. The more of these benefits that you’re able to obtain, the happier you’ll be and the more you’ll produce. 

  3. Room for growth: are you looking to advance within your job and company? Would you like to eventually scale from entry-level to executive status? These are some things to always keep in mind before searching for a job because it's important to inquire about their availability when obtaining information on the company. If you want to eventually increase your salary, and freedom within the company, you should always be looking to climb the corporate ladder. You never want to join a company that doesn't allow you to reach your maximum potential. 

  4. Day-to-day: This is probably the most significant one. We know the old adage “time is the most valuable resource.” That’s certainly applicable here. What you will be doing from 9 am - 5 pm every day is super important because you never want to feel like you’re wasting your time. Especially when it is day after day. You better think about what kind of work you’d like to do every day, and what you’re good at doing. This is the only way you’ll be satisfied with your job. Wasted time is worse than wasted money, always keep that in mind.

  5. Enjoyable overall environment: the most important thing you need to think about, is how you will maintain happiness and sanity through your job. Always have in mind what kind of things make you comfortable and "at home," so you never have to feel unsatisfied at your job. Whether it’s a particular scenery, office style, or simply being able to dress casually for work, always go where more of your needs/wants will be met. You will then know what to look for when researching jobs. It’s simple. If a company doesn’t hold a culture that makes you happy, you don’t go there. The better you feel, then more productive you'll be and the more advancement will be possible. 

We're always here to help, so continue looking into our blog daily to receive tips and tricks on career searching and anything job-related. 

Remember that this is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make in your life (although, some will make it several times), so treat it as such, as devote the necessary thinking before diving in. You’ll be glad you did. 

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