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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
There's No I in TEAM
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Zipporah Jackson

Do you ever get anxiety or frustration when being placed in a group? Are you more of a conquer the world by yourself type of person? Do you normally drawback when in a group setting because you're accustomed to working alone? 

Well don't feel bad because you are not alone. I too experience this as well. However, I have learned while interning here at ProSky that teamwork makes the dream work! At first, it may seem hard to learn how to adjust to working with others and embracing your strengths and weaknesses. I realized that everybody does not communicate like I do. When working in a team there are five essential things to remember. 

Stay Open-Minded

When working on a team you have to come into the situation with an open mind. Being closed minded while working with others is automatically a recipe for failure. As I mentioned earlier, everyone communicates. So if you can't come to terms with that and learn how to accept others differences you will be the reason the team is not successful. 

Be Flexible

We are all either college students or young professionals which causes us to be busy all the time. Speaking from personal experience, I work two jobs, I am overly involved on campus, and I am also a branding intern and currently still trying to factor in social time and “me” time which can be really stressful. With that being said, when working on a team, try to remain as flexible as possible. If you honestly can't make a team meeting or call due to vocalize that; but if you are just not going to be in attendance due to a pedicure date with a good book and chill time, you are not being a good team player! Remain flexible at all times and that may mean sacrificing some of your beloved free time for the betterment of the team. 

Make Your Ideas Heard

I know I personally can be an introvert at times which can be a hindrance when working in a team because you have to be outgoing and not afraid to express ideas or opinions. I have learned to step outside my comfort zone and just lay it all on the table. The worst thing the team can say is no or that they don't like your idea, so why not take a chance and express it! Most of the times we are our biggest critics, so don't let you be the reason your ideas aren't heard. 

Start Positive and End Positive

Negativity is the worst way to ruin the flow or progress of a team. No one likes a Negative Nancy. Please do not be that team member that everyone focuses on because they stand out (not in a good way) or the team member that everyone dreads talking to because there is never anything positive for them to say. If you do not have anything nice to say, Don’t say anything at all! Refrain from always saying negative things, if you do want to say something add something positive as well. For example, “I do not think that idea would work however I did like your idea about campus reach out maybe we should focus more on that.” This way, you can get your opinions out in a constructive manner that benefits both you and your teammate.  

Step Up

We have all been on a team where it has felt like everyone is not pulling their own weight which can be really frustrating. Going off what I just stated previously you still must remain positive. Inform whoever you need to inform on the issues you are having with a specific team number not holding their own weight, and then step up! By stepping up I mean do your part plus more! Try calling a team meeting or even come up with a project schedule evenly distributing the workload amongst you all.  Do not let one person be the downfall of the entire team. Sometimes you have to take control and be that leader because if not, most likely nobody else will. 

Of course working on a team may never get easier, but I hope these tips will help you be able to cope better with the task! If you like this blog post, head on over to our Blog and read more fun and informative blogs that can help you in the workplace.