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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
6 Strategies for Gaining Valuable Technical Skills
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Jon Miller

As the school year slowly begins to come to an end, many students are about to take that next step in life and enter the “real world”, where you can’t wear pajamas to a 3 PM class. After receiving your degree, you will most likely start looking for a job that interests you. Today, the majority of employers are seeking future employees that can offer valued specialized skills that can enhance their company. In order to succeed, you must display your technical skills and prove that you are the right choice for the job; this is why I will provide 6 strategies to gain valuable technical skills that will lead you to success.

  1. Take an Online Training Course: Online training courses are an excellent resource to utilize. Taking an online training course on a specific technical skill can put your head and shoulders above the competition. One of the best training course websites that help people get hired is ProSky.
  2. Read, Read, Read!: Go to your library or online and read about the technical skills that you lack. Simply reading about them is a great and cheap way to learn valuable skills that can help set you apart from the crowd. Reading books on different skills will help you better understand what is required from that skill set.
  3. Never Settle: This one may seem cliché but it may be the most important one. Once you begin to learn more technical skills, you may think that you have enough but the truth is you can never have too many technical skills. The more skills you have, the better your chances of getting hired because employers value these skills.
  4. Get Hands-on Experience: Many universities are always seeking volunteers to help with technical projects, this is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience that will help you learn the skills and give you a better understanding of that skill.
  5. Talk and Share: Talking with people that have a certain set of technical skills that you seek, is a great way to learn the basics of the skills and often, the person can offer insights regarding the best way of learning and continuing growth of that specific skill.
  6. Create Projects: Creating your own project is an excellent way to test out your skills to make sure that they are up to a company’s standards. This ensures not only that you can do a project correctly but also that you will acquire the confidence needed in order to shine in front of an employer.

 Companies value a person who can display a vast variety of technical skills. These skills are just as necessary as that degree you’ve been working so hard for. If you want to set yourself up for success, follow these 6 strategies to gain valuable technical skills. If you still cant find those skills because school is not teaching them, or time constraints, read this post on 15 quick tips for gaining valuable experience! 

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