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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
Candidate - Stand Out with Work Experience
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Matt Ang

“Study hard! “Get good grades!” “Keep your GPA high!” Everyone has heard these phrases, from someone at some point of our lives. However, you don’t hear "Gain experience!" "Try it out even if you are not sure!" or "School is not enough!" nearly as much. Why are the former phrases so universal and common? Because studying hard, getting good grades and having that stellar GPA are the secret ingredients in the recipe for landing that dream job. Right? 

Not really. 

How often do managers ask their new hires, “Umm…what was your overall GPA from college?” Two answers: Rarely or NEVER. That’s because, grades and GPAs are not the dilemma employers are facing. Employers are facing a severe lack in problem solving, decision-making and the ability to prioritize tasks in their new hires. 

Work Experience is the Solution 

Employers claim that students, who dedicate time and effort to an outside-the-classroom activity, secure multiple internships and take on leadership roles are more likely to possess the skills needed for the workforce. The best preparation for today’s job market is a combination of academic experience and practical real-world experience. This is the real secret recipe for creating an ideal and ready candidate for the job market. 

Please don’t get us wrong. Study hard. Get good grades. Go to school. Those things are important. However, they are simply NOT enough. Students must immerse themselves in gaining practical skills that is convertible to the actual work place. You know the 5 P’s of marketing. Good for you. However, companies want to see you elevate their business through helping them gain social presence by creating a Social Media Marketing strategy or by making them visible to the world by utilizing proper SEO techniques. They want to see you effectively communicate and collaborate with your peers and managers to find creative ways to propel their business. They want to see you take initiative and lead a team. These are the type of skills you need, skills that are practical, convertible and usable; skills and experiences that make you invaluable to a company. 

This is why ProSky exists. We want you to spend your precious time and resources wisely and effectively. Focus on building talent employers hunger for. Go get real experiences so you can actually develop skills that employers need. Get yourself in front of potential employers as early as possible and show them why they need you and your skill-sets. Make them remember who you are. 

Want to take the world by storm and revamp the norms of social media? Take ProSky’s Social Media Marketing course. Do you have dreams of closing deals with businesses and finding leads? Take our B2B-SDR course. No matter what track you embark on, there will always be a course for you.

Strengthen both your hard skills and soft skills by working on a project! You can reinforce your hard skills by learning specific skill sets and practice your soft skills by working alongside other people who are trying to achieve the same goal you are. 

Gain valuable experience with companies looking to hire and catapult your career today!