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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Stand Out: Tips to Help you Land That Dream Job
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Tim Elkana

Stand out and you’ll get hired. Finding a job or internship is no easy task, and you’re going to need more than a sob story to get one. Fortunately if you’re a college student, you still have a LOT of opportunities to grow yourself and stand out from the pack. Here’s some tips on how you can change your habits now and land that dream job in the future. 

1) Stand Out Among other Applicants by Having a Progressive Attitude

It all starts with the attitude. Today’s job market is changing and you’re going to have to change with it. WANTING to improve yourself and being open to learning new skills is the first step to growth. If you’re strong enough to want to change, you’ll be strong enough to stand out from the pack and get that internship. 

2) Stand Out Among other Applicants by Getting Involved 

Sometimes you don’t want to talk to that big, scary recruiter at the career fair. Maybe you’re feeling tired and don’t want to attend that club meeting. Here’s a tip: get out.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

If you’re a natural introvert like me, leaving the comfort of your friends may seem like the end of the world. But if you have a conversation with that company recruiter, or if you get the contact info of that club’s president, you’ll be inside their heads. That will put you on the fast track ahead of your peers. 

3) Stand Out Among other Applicants by Getting Started Early 

College looks like a great time to enjoy life and push back the responsibilities of adulthood to graduation. News flash: that’s a bad idea.

"If you spend all day thinking about tomorrow night’s party, or if you skip the career fair to lounge on the lawn, you’ll be doing the exact same thing with your grad gown on in 4 years."

Get started with your professional life early. Create a digital profile, join active professional clubs, and look for internships- in your freshman year. If you’re a 2nd year who’s an active member in a large coding club, works as a finance intern, and has a strong online presence, you’re going to edge out the competition. 

4) Learn Skills that Matter 

Knowing the right skills is an important aspect of standing out. As earlier mentioned, business is changing and you need to grow with it. A traditional internship doesn’t teach skills relevant to your field of work- they DO teach you how to make great coffee though. Instead of running errands on an unpaid “internship”, spend your time learning the basics of search engine optimization or graphic design. Not so good with writing and art? Try learning how to code. Companies need people with tangible skill and experience, not just errand boys (and girls). If you can do more than fix a copy machine, you’ll be ahead of the crowd and one step closer to your dream job. Maybe try using ProSky

Ultimately, you’re the maker of your own future. As W. Clement Stone said, “Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” So get up, act now, and get ahead. 

A quick and easy way to stand out for hiring mangers and recruiters is by advancing your skills and doing projects in real time for hiring companies.