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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 27 January 2017
Showing Your Personality at Work the Right Way
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Erica Hipp

Whether you’re starting a new job or trying to find your flow at your current job, feeling like yourself is an important part. Remember, you got hired because the employer wants you there! Dozens of candidates with similar skills all applied- yet your personality won the job. It can be difficult to find the balance of how much of yourself to bring into the office. We’ve come up with a few simple ways to bring your shining personality out at the office (the right way).


Most adults are stuck in their cubicle or at their desk all day long. And that could get a little boring...maybe there’s no windows, no color, no flair. That’s where you can step in, and decorate your work area in a way that (professionally) brings out your personality and helps you feel better at work!


Add a little green!

One of the best things to add to your desk or work area is some nature- a shrub, some flowers, or maybe a succulent. Any and all of these are a great way to brighten your office space. Nature is a great de-stressor and looks pretty great too- ask your boss if they are okay with you bringing one in (odds are, they’ll be more than happy to let you). 

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Another great way to help bring our your personality is to pick colors that reflect you! Of course, not all workplaces allow you to paint the walls or desks, but most will allow for small works of art. Even having colorful sticky notes, highlighters or even folders/desk organizers might help bring out your personality- It also will help keep clutter and papers more organized! If you’re a super energetic person- bright colors like yellow and orange will be right for you. Mellow and relaxed? Go for cooling colors like lilac or teal. Check out this article for more info on color schemes!


In addition to creating a vibrant and fun workplace, another great way to bring your personality is through your appearance (clothes, hair makeup, etc). Some professions have strict guidelines, but there’s usually some wiggle room to have fun and bring out your personal style. Wear your hair in different ways throughout the week, add some bling, or use a new shade of lipstick! 

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Besides decorating your workspace or dressing up- another idea for bringing your personality out in the office is simply- talk to your peers and co-workers! Chat about things that interest you, ask them questions. If you’re going to be sitting next to the same person 5 days a week, you’ll want to get to know them. By talking about things that interest you, you will allow other people to get to know you as a person- did you play sports growing up? Enjoy a certain type of music? You might have a lot in common with someone- so don’t be shy, embrace your passions.


What are some ways you show your personality off at work? Comment below!


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