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CAREER / 14 December 2016
A Sneak Peak Into ProSky's Career Workshops
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Stefano Ganddini

You can learn all the theory in the world, but if you never get a chance to apply what you learn to practice, what’s the point? At Prosky, we believe that the best way to set yourself up for success in your career is by 

a) gaining real-world experience, and 

b) developing personal relationships with people.

ProSky was created to fill the gap between what you learn in school and what’s expected on day 1 in the workplace. Our goal is to help students expand their soft skills, explore different career paths while gaining hands-on experience, and, ultimately, land an awesome job where they actually enjoy going to work every day. There are a plethora of benefits to mentoring both from those looking for jobs and those looking to hire, that’s why you will have a mentor with your throughout the duration of your project to guide you along, answer questions and get a truly unique experience. 

We do this primarily by offering online training courses (SEO!) for high-demand skills and placing candidates on collaborative projects with real companies, but we also do this by hosting FUN career workshops at universities across the nation. We love meeting with students in person, and we like to think of our workshops as mini "mentoring sessions." Past universities we’ve had the pleasure of visiting include Cornell, BYU, CalPoly SLO, UCSD, and UCI, among others. 

I know, fun is probably the last word that comes to mind when you think of a career workshop, but ours are different. Our workshops are hands-on and interactive, because, again, we believe that you learn best by doing. And when we do get into presentation mode, we make sure it’s worth your time—not the same old advice you usually hear. 

In the words of Jacqueline Lee, a member of the Women in Information and Computer Sciences (WICS) club at UCI, the presentation part of the workshop was full of “insights and hands-on tips on how to position yourself to achieve your dream job.” Click here to read the full write up from WICS about the workshop.

What Other People Are Saying About ProSky’s Career Workshops

If you or your student organization is looking for expert career advice at your next career workshop, please contact Julie Hang, University Relations Lead, at We look forward to hearing from you! 

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