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Project Manager Cover Letter: Why You Need One to Get the Job
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Elizabeth Heron
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Cover letters are long past the time when they were additional or unnecessary to an application file. Today, recruiters read them closely and sometimes they select potential interviewers based on the cover letters. They make your resume look more human and might get you the job if compiled professionally. A project manager cover letter may decide whether you are called for an interview or your resume ends up in an unfriendly pile.

The project manager cover letter is there to highlight your essential skills and experience. It personalizes your file for the job role you hunt. Recruiters know about the importance of hard and soft skills. So, there are chances you might not meet one specialist who doesn’t read cover letters. I have selected seven major reasons why you will need a cover letter for that project manager job and a few winning tips to highlight. 

1. You Introduce Yourself

The cover letter is a document you write only for a recruiter of a specific project manager job. It gives you the chance to speak about yourself, in business terms. You describe your current job, achievements and past ideas. Recruiters get to see a glimpse of how you influenced company processes and projects. You can check out project manager cover letter examples, to see what kind of examples you should include. Two such samples are available on 

The letter includes both your name and the recruiter’s. So, you talk to a real person, while showing more about yourself, aside from the rigid resume. 

2. Skills, Skills, Skills

The cover letter includes skills based on facts. You have a skill which helped you handle a responsibility and let to a result Each affirmation is backed-up by examples which make it even more reliable. You are free to include general project management skills or some abilities regarding the company’s industry.

Moreover, you show off other skills just by writing the project letter. Reviewers search for communication abilities and the knowledge to pick and summarize information. How your cover letter looks sometimes speaks louder than words. 

3. You Stand Out

Getting a project manager job is anything but easy. You compete with other experimented leaders or managers. If you’re a beginner in the field, you will need to stand out. The cover letter makes up for a resume template that isn’t as persuasive as expected by itself. 

Moreover, you show your interest in the job by adding a well-compiled cover letter. The letter specifies that you’ve invested more time than you should have for a job, what focusing on why they should pick you.

4. Getting Creative

You should use a business language in a well-defined format. However, the cover letter allows you to get creative and select only useful information about you or the job. So, why not get creative for a sentence or two?

For example, a study stated that project management is the second most boring job in the world. Recruiters read research in the job’s field. You can contradict this statement by outlining achievements and major projects. 

5. You Get Closer to the Industry

Maybe you didn’t previously deal with the industry that you now plan to join. However, tasks and responsibilities may meet at some point. You can benefit from the similarity between some of your former projects and industry requirements.

Relevance is essential, but it also has positive parts. This is one of them. By writing about achievements, you also mention why you might be suitable for the company. 

6. State Your Intentions

The project manager cover letter also speaks about the future. Therefore, it allows you to discuss intentions regarding your future position and career goals. The cover letter gives you the chance to talk about why you plan on switching jobs by moving to the desired company. 

Remember that management is also about team leadership. You can use a sentence to describe how you shaped the company culture and built up a productive team.

7. The Call-to-Action Advantage

The last paragraph of the cover letter is the place where you can try to persuade them to contact you. This is the place where you say that you’re available for an interview. You also thank recruiters for their time, assuming they’ve already looked through your resume. 

This paragraph also includes intentions and the main reason why they should hire you, instead of another applicant. 

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There are so many reasons why recruiters might reject cover letters. Yet, you have a chance to grab their attention with every sentence. The cover letter might be your key to success in the world of management employment.

However, you should first and foremost be sure that you’re fit for such a role. Project management can be challenging, especially when you deal with an unmotivated team. If you’re good to go, it’s time to wrap up your project manager cover letter and get that job!

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