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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
Digital Profiles Matter - How to Create a Profile that Attracts a Recruiter's Eye
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Stephen Nemy

Trying to find that perfect match for a job can be tough and weirdly similar to your dating search. Just like dating, it seems impossible to know what to expect from the job market. If you find a company you want to apply at, you don’t know if you will like what the company mission is and what their morals are. You are unaware of whether or not you will like the people you will be working with or if they will like you back. 

There is so much uncertainty. Going on an interview is like going on a blind date! The good news is - it doesn’t have to be this way! There are things you can do help yourself along before even the first date! 

It just seems like no one out there shares your interests or has some type of Seinfeldian fault.


The man-hands, the two-face, the one that eats her peas one at a time, the one who likes that commercial, the one whose laugh sounds like Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer, the one who is exactly like you (and you can’t be with someone exactly like you... you hate yourself!), the one who won’t let you play with her toy collection, the one whose toothbrush you accidentally dropped in the toilet but you can’t tell her in time and she uses it so you can’t kiss her then she finds out and puts something of yours in the toilet, etc. 

Why is no one right for you?! 

So what do you do? You turn to the internet. You make yourself a dating profile saying that you like long walks on the beach and hiking. Then you browse other profiles and realize that the differences between profiles couldn’t be any smaller. You still have absolutely no idea who your perfect match is. The reality is - going to a website and scrolling through potential job listings is pretty much like going on Tinder and swiping left or right. There is hope and it starts with a process that involves lots of preparation and 

You have to dive deeper. 

When you’re showcasing yourself online, you want to give off a sense of confidence without letting your ego get in the way of you landing the job (or the perfect date). 

So when you’re looking for your perfect match (job or even for a significant other) with an online profile keep these key points in mind:

  1. Say what’s important. When looking at profiles, employers want to know detailed information about you that will help you land the job (your past experience, skills, parts of your personality), not whether or not you’re a master hair braider or just "I’m awesome." What you say says a lot about you, so choose your words carefully. Here are some samples to go through...
  2. Be honest. Remember, recruiters don’t know who you are yet. It’s your job to show them, but not lie.
  3. Understand what is important to you and look for those in potential matches. This is especially important when you’re looking for a job. But don’t look for a job in a place where you know they aren’t going to understand what you’re really striving to do. 

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