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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 09 December 2016
New Year New You: How to Rock 2017 (GIVEAWAY ALERT!)
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Hannah Son
Content Writer
Redondo Beach

So, it’s 2017, and you know that this has to be your year for change. This is the best time to be a new you! While everyone is making resolutions that they will eventually break (and consequently revert back into their old 2016 selves), you can implement these lifestyle tips to become the best version of yourself. Hey! It’s 2017, a new year, new you!

Learn New Skills 

Why will this help you become a new you (besides the fact that you will be gaining a new set of skills)? Well, as science and biology have proven, human beings have a natural desire to learn and progress. It’s actually a core need for psychological well-being. Learning can help us build confidence, fuel our creativity and develop a sense of self-efficacy. 

If you have lots of energy at the office but no opportunities to learn and grow, you probably feel stagnated. You’re not alone. Only 30 percent of employees in the U.S. feel engaged at the office, according to a 2015 Gallup report. Research shows engagement—being involved, committed, passionate, focused and energetic—has a clear impact on job performance as well as life outside the office. So, keep yourself on your toes and always grow your skills both interpersonal and technical. A great place to start learning some in-demand skills is ProSky's training courses page! 

Do something that you love, whether it’s a hobby, learning a new skill or finding a job you love. This adds so much more to your life when you are taking part in something that you actually lose track of time when you are doing it, or you look forward to it because it is challenging you to bring out your best.

Upgrade your digital profile

It’s the season for New Year’s resolutions being made and re-made. Are you ready to rock 2017 or are you still stuck in the past? How will you stand out? I mean, I know it’s a tough pill to swallow, but sometimes, you just won’t stand out. One way to help your case is to stand out digitally! Create a digital profile that will enhance your workability. Why? Because what better way to showcase your branding skills than to brand yourself online. Don’t know where to start? Try building a digital profile on ProSky or creating an online portfolio using this helpful guide. Once you’ve gathered all your skills and expertise, showcase them online for recruiters to see! 

An online portfolio showcases that you not only possess the skills and qualities companies are looking for, but that you have actually executed real projects and produced results.

Get Healthy

This might be the most popular resolution for 2017 and every other year (and the most popular resolution to break) but there’s a reason for that. As odd as it may seem, exercising can be one of the best ways to improve your workability. First things first, it keeps your body healthy which is essential to feeling energized and awake when doing your work. But the mental benefits are also unbeatable. Study after study has shown that regular physical activity can improve soft skills such as judgment and learning. Keeping your thinking skills in tip-top shape can help you solve problems and grasp new ideas quickly, which can give you an edge during an interview or your daily work. On top of that, exercising helps improve your mood, and who can disagree with the benefits of positivity in a workplace? So this year, you don’t have to make exercising a huge deal. No need to make a resolution chart or announce it to everyone on the street. The key to maintaining a resolution is by making realistic changes that can be implemented easily into your daily life without the need for drastic changes. So start your exercise routine by doing some simple arm circles at your desk!

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New Year, New You