WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 15 December 2016
7 Habits You Can Keep in 2017
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Julie Huang
Head of University Relations

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This means that the new resolution you’ve made for yourself on January 1st, 2017? Yup, that means after three weeks, you’ve slowly made your old habits dissolve and for the new ones to really gain momentum. After that, you’ll start noticing your new behavior to truly become automatic after about two months. Sounds difficult, but it’s worth it when you’re making habits that could help change and shape your life. Here are seven habits you can form and actually keep in 2017!

  1. Wake up earlier in the morning.
    You’ve probably heard this one a million times before. Even if you’re not a morning person, start making it a habit of waking up a little earlier every morning. You’ll find that you’ll have more time to get a head start and not be in such a rush. Here are a few tips on how: 

  1. Invest in yourself.
    After graduating from high school or college, it can be a little more difficult to actively learn new things - especially since you are no longer required to sit in a classroom everyday and memorize material you’re supposed to take an exam in. Use 2017 as an opportunity to invest in learning new things. Look into classes that you’re interested in or ways you can showcase skills you already have.

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  2. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your accomplishments.
    Yes, it’s great to make habits that are solely focused on making yourself a more productive person, but don’t forget to take a bit of time and effort in celebrating what you’ve done (and all the things you’re going to do). It doesn’t have to be a big celebration every single time, but do something to acknowledge that you’ve done something amazing. Own your achievements, remind yourself of the reasons why you were able to accomplish those things, and focus on the positivity. Trust me, 
    it’ll keep motivating you to do greater things throughout the year!

  3. Do the best you can every single day.
    New habits and new resolutions don’t have to be hard or unattainable. Be determined to be the best you that you can possibly be and strive to do what you can.

  4. Write down the top few things you need to accomplish every day.
    Whether this be for work, school, life, or anything else, take a few minutes and actually write down some of the most important things you need to get done that day. Not only will you have a great reminder for yourself, it’s a damn good feeling when you’re able to cross that task off your list.

  5. Get (and stay) organized.
    Yeah, life can be messy. But don’t make it a habit of letting life stay that way. A messy space and surrounding environment will only prevent you from being the most productive version of yourself. Start with the easiest - delete or organize any emails you may have left in your inbox (If you’re still the person with 3,000 unread emails in your inbox by the end of 2017, I might just be silently judging. Just kidding, not really. Maybe.). Use your storage and cabinet space wisely. Don’t just leave pieces of sticky notes or paper lying around everywhere. Make it a habit of organizing your space once or twice a week and you’ll be surprised just how much junk easily accumulates!

  6. Make it a habit to stick to your new habits.
    It’s easy to give up after a few weeks, but do your best to do these things every day for the rest of the year! Make yourself accountable for what you’ve set out to do and you’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll start seeing.

What are some New Year’s resolutions you’ve made for yourself this year? Leave any tips you have for keeping up with new habits in the comments down below! (: