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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
Learning Hard Skills Through ProSky
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Dillon Chen

Are you a great “people person”? Do you work well in a team? Can you manage your time well and communicate with your manager? If you answered yes to these questions, Congratulations! All of these soft skills mean your bosses and coworkers will love working with you. However, before you can start making friends and wowing everyone in the workplace with your great personality, you have to have the necessary “Hard skills” to land the job in the first place!

Knowing how to use Microsoft Office, able to speak Spanish fluently, familiar with Quickbooks accounting software, able to program in 5 different types of coding languages, these are the types of quantifiable skills employers look when going through the hiring process. The main reason in hiring is to… well, finding someone who can DO the job! Employers want not only someone who meets the basic requirement but also someone that is easy to work with. In other words, Hard skills will help you get the job while Soft skills help you keep it.

Hard skills are things that can be learned through practice and study. For most industries, you can pick up the necessary hard skills needed at your local college. After about four years of studying, homework and tests, you’ll receive a degree that certifies you as proficient in that subject! Graduating with a degree doesn’t automatically mean you know everything you need to know in order to do a job, just ask any graduate entering the workforce. Most will probably tell you how unprepared or overwhelmed they feel while starting at their new job.

During your years in college, it is also important to find other sources outside of the classroom and learn things that may not pertain to your field of study. Having a range of Hard skills will make you more marketable to future employers and flexible enough to deal with a variety of situations and demands. Languages, marketing, management and technical skills can be a benefit to you no matter what career you choose to go into and may uniquely qualify you for special positions. 

Here’s where the importance of real-world experience comes in. Getting your feet wet interning or working in your industry before you graduate is vital to helping you prepare for the after-graduation career. Not only does it let you apply the knowledge gained from hours of lectures and study, but it can increase your understanding of your chosen field. You’ll be exposed to all the good and bad that comes with working and it will make you even more desirable to companies browsing through lists of applicants. There are some experiences and lessons that you can’t learn by sitting in any classroom or lecture.  A few months working at an actual company can make a huge difference when it comes to deciding which person to hire! 

One of the great things ProSky's professional online training curriculums offer is the chance to expound on what you already know and add that special touch of real-world experience to round off your resume and make you even more qualified for the future dream job. As a curriculum director, I work closely with instructors in developing the ProSky courses that expound on concepts and principles learned from college or universities. For example, you may have learned about marketing in college and how important it is to a company. But how do you start a marketing campaign? What are specific methods or techniques you can use to publicize your company? Which tools are best suited to help your marketing be effective and cost-efficient? 

You can find answers to these questions in multiple different ProSky courses. Take our Social Media Marketing course and learn which Social Media sites work best to promote your company and how to present your brand differently on each one. Or learn how to optimize your company’s website to show up in Search Engine results through our SEO class. Maybe you’ll take a more hands-on approach to learning sales techniques and CRMs with our B2B Sales Rep course. In all of the ProSky courses, the instructors share what they’ve learned through years of experience working in their industry. They give actual examples of what methods work, which tools they use frequently, and what Hard skills it takes to succeed in the field.  

Projectships through ProSky bring big benefits. It allows students to collaborate with companies that are leaders in the industry and gives you a head start on the rest of the competition. Before I started working at ProSky, I actually went through a couple Projectships. One had me doing market research and the other had me contacting potential partners for their brand. I got to work closely with people in their team who mentored me and coached me through the project. I learned a lot of valuable skills, and it was super cool to see my efforts turn into actual results that benefitted the company. I got some sweet references to put on my resume, as well as awesome swag from the companies themselves. These projectships were all done online and around my full-time student schedule.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Prosky and get started learning valuable hard skills to prepare you for the future today!