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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Internships: The Gateway to Your Future
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Thomas Patterson

"We are looking for prior work experience."

"This job requires previous internship work."

"We’re sorry, we cannot offer you a job."

 These comments are every college graduates worst nightmare. Everyone wants to get out of college and have a job right away, but sadly, it’s not that easy. 

Many jobs require prior work experience (here’s a post about how to work around your lack of work experience) or at least some prior knowledge of the field. Luckily there is a solution to make this problem easier…. INTERNSHIPS!

Internships allow for students to gain prior knowledge about the workforce and about the field of their interest before they graduate and go off into the working world. There are hundreds of thousands of different internships (or, try out a projectship) available for all students. Whether you are an accounting major wanting an internship with one of the Big Four firms, a marine biology major who wants to get an internship with Shamu at Seaworld, or a Political Science major who wants an internship with a Senate member, there is an internship out there for you! 

Here are a few interesting facts about how internships work and how they can help you achieve your dream job once you graduate: 


One of the most valuable parts about an internship is the connections and networks you make while working as an intern. Let’s say you land an awesome internship with an event planning company in Manhattan. You will be meeting and working alongside some very influential people who can help you with possible jobs in the future! (and p.s. if you HATE networking, here is a very interesting article

One important factor to remember when trying to make valuable connections is to always send a follow-up. If someone gives you their card with their email and information on it, make sure you reach out to them thanking them for the experience you shared with them. You can even network through social media sites like Twitter! This way you stick out to them and they will remember you in the future when you’re applying for jobs. 


While college is great for learning the facts and basics of the career path you choose to go down, it doesn’t allow you to gain the full knowledge of your field. Working for a lobbying firm during legislative sessions gives you a much better understanding of how the entire legislative branch works compared to sitting in a classroom listening to your monotonous professor blabbing on about the Senate. 

Sampling Jobs:

One of the great things about internships is that they allow you to get a real life look at all of the possible paths you can take within your major. Internships allow you to get a close look at what your career could be once you graduate college. You will be able to see whether or not being a business major and working with a large corporate business such as Ford, is really what you want to do with the rest of you life. Who knows, maybe you find that business isn’t the right path for you, and you decide to become a marine biologist instead. Internships give you the opportunity to “test drive” your future career paths

College Credit:

Nowadays, most companies cannot afford, or they just do not want to, pay interns. It’s not financially smart of them to do if they are a small business. However, every cloud has a silver lining! Many internship programs work hand in hand with colleges to allow students to earn college credits for completing an internship! How great would that be to be able to take only three classes in the spring semester, and spend the rest of the day just lounging out by the pool with your friends? 


The overall point of an internship, aside from gaining more workforce knowledge, is to open the door to a job and a career path after college. The internship is set in place by most companies to see whether you are a good fit to work for them after college. The key to getting a job with the company you intern for is to go above and beyond to prove to them that you’ve got what it takes! 

If you are currently a college student stressing over whether or not you will find an internship or a job right out of college, don’t worry too much, there are plenty of options out there for you! 

If you are a recent graduate or graduating very soon and interested in getting in contact with a company for a possible career, then you should definitely be sure to check out ProSky! ProSky is an awesome new company that puts students like yourself in direct contact with employers and teaches valuable skills in their online courses like social media marketing and much more! Remember, internships are the key to a bright future career filled with happiness and fun!