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JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
Out with Internships - In with Projectships
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Tim Elkana

Does brewing coffee and making slideshows for 8 unpaid hours make you jump for joy? Hopefully not! 

Sadly enough, this situation is a sad reality for a LOT of students in America looking to gain internship experience. Don’t get me wrong- internships aren’t bad, but moving to a new city for a summer to do unpaid menial tasks isn’t a great experience. Check out our Co-Founders intriguing story about why he decided against interning for one of our country’s greatest financial institutions in NYC. 

So with all the problems a traditional internship carries, why isn’t there a better way to learn skills, get trained, and still intern for a company? Trick question- there is! And it’s called a projectship

Being an intern should entail learning skills first and foremost. Skills that will translate into the work that you are currently doing or aspiring to do. Many internships, as mentioned, are more about slapping on a big name onto your resume. What good is that big name if you take it to an even bigger name and they see you don’t have the right skill sets to do your job and excel? If you are currently enrolled in an internship but are not sure if it is working to benefit, here are some signs it might not be benefiting you as much as you would like. 

Project-ships combine company projects with the original purpose of an internship. In other words, project-ships are remote online internships where you complete a company’s project while getting trained in specific skills

You can go about your projectship two different ways: 

The first way suggests you have employable skills that you would like for companies to see and test you on in an effort to get hired. You would set up your digital profile on the ProSky and then apply for an available project that you want to work on. At this point, you get matched up with a company that is looking to hire someone that not only can do the work that is listed in their job description, but that also fits in with the company culture. At the same time, you as a candidate, can decide whether or not you want to be working with the company as well. You will meet mentors and hiring managers in real time, getting a feel for the company culture and gaining a better understanding of what the day-to-day will be like. 

The second way suggests that you want to gain more employable skills before you showcase them to companies looking to hire. It’s not uncommon among college students to finish a course and feel like you didn’t really learn anything or more importantly, that you will forget everything you did manage to learn. There is a broken system that ProSky aspires to fix by focusing on training tracks that are designed to teach you the skills you would need to be an account executive or a coder, just to name a couple. Once you complete your training course and learn new skills, you can register for projects and proceed to showing your skills off to hiring managers. 

Let’s put this in perspective. I’m a 2nd year Business student at Cal Poly and I need a project-ship. I’d like to learn SEO marketing, so I sign up for that track and get the opportunity to work on a project from a company that knows exactly what and who they are looking for. Just like a normal internship, if I do a great job and the employer is looking for someone to fill the position, I get hired! 

Different from most internships, I get extensive training  from industry-famous influencers whether I am learning a new course or working on a project. If you are working on a project and are hoping that you will get the right guidance and mentoring, you are in luck. ProSky project-ships are designed such that recruiters may be watching your progress behind-the-scenes, but mentors from the departments that are specifically looking to hire will be designing the projects you will be working on and offing their assistance and expertise as your official mentor for that project. Take that traditional internship! If you are taking one of the many ProSky courses, you will be taught the things you do not learn in school because the "teachers" are actually industry professionals. For anyone that has ever been curious about what an inside sales job is really like, what a digital marketer really does, or what the life of a coder entails, you will learn from people that have been making or have made a living doing the work themselves. No theories, just practice! 

No more making coffee for your boss, no more wasting time not learning new skills, no more beating rush hour to get to work every morning. The traditional internship is flawed. Many people doing internships feel like the work that they do goes unnoticed, does not really benefit them or help them grow. That’s the LAST thing anyone doing an internship should feel. Gaining a "name" and making "connections" is not what should come from any internship, but newfound skills, personal growth and possibly a job are! We’re here to solve the problem. Project-ships are the new black, and ProSky’s got your back. 

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