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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
In a workplace rut? Here are 4 tips for you to get your groove back!
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Ting Yu Maggie Chang
Branding Intern

It’s Friday afternoon at the office. Your coworkers are talking about their weekend plans, yelping restaurants, and planning dinner dates. You sit there staring at the same old ceiling, thinking about how fast the weekend will go by. Your Sundays are ruined by thinking about Mondays and before you know it you’ll be back sitting in this chair again. 

Feeling burnt out in a workplace is common for most people. In fact, almost all individuals experience this at least once in their career. But the question is, how do you get your work groove back? How do you bounce back and find that drive within you again? Here are 4 tips to guide you and bring your groove back in no time!   

  1. Identify The Problem. This might sound like a no brainer but you’d be surprised that most people look past it. Something has to be bothering you right? Its time to dig deep and find out what that “thing” is then work on it. Is it the paperwork still stacked on your desk that has been stressing you out? Is it something happening in the office that needs to be brought up? Are you trying your best but not getting recognized? What ever the problem is, write it down. Writing things down with pen and paper then visually seeing them can take a lot weight off your shoulders. This is because when a problem is stored in your head, we tend to complicate things and overwhelm ourselves.  Once you have figured out the problem, think of approaches to solve it. Now, I am talking about practical ways to solve it. You know you won’t finish that stack of paperwork overnight, so start with something small. We’re taking baby steps here. It might be starting on that one paperwork or even something as simple as clearing your email inbox. Whatever it is put it into action immediately. No excuses!
  2. Change Your Perspective. It all lies in your perspective. The solution might be right in front of you but you’re just over seeing it. Look at the big picture. You might be so absorbed in one tiny aspect that you miss the whole picture. Similar to painting, when you focus on perfecting one nostril, erasing and redrawing, erasing and redrawing, you will never be satisfied. So, I encourage you to step out of yourself and take a look from a third-person’s point of view. What would that person do? How would you help someone in your situation?Another way to change your perspective is to be open minded. Talk to your coworkers, talk to your team, talk to people who work in completely different fields. Ask them for their opinion and really listen. The art of listening lies in active listening and reflective listening. Active listening requires effort and happens when you are aware of both verbal and sensory cues. How is your coworker deliberating the message? Take their body language, tone and speed into consideration. You can practice reflective listening by paraphrasing or translating what the other person just said. Start by saying “Did you mean...” and end with your interpretation of their message.
  3. Try something new. Maybe you have your own way of doing things and you can swear by it – it’s fail proof. You’re constantly repeating what you already know, you’re putting yourself in that comfort zone. I know, I know, it’s what you’re used to, it’s what you’re good at, its comfortable. But maybe that's why you are dreading work. Maybe it’s because you’ve been doing the same tasks every single day. You’ve lost that drive you had from Day 1. So… what now? Don’t just sit there and wait for your motivation to come back by it self. You need to get that drive back, that giddiness from the first day of work, that smell of fresh air when you walk in the office. Climb out. Climb out of that comfort zone and try something new. Learn a new skill, discover that hidden talent of yours. Don't know where to look for ideas? Take a walk, grab a coffee with an old friend, watch Ted Talks. Take those ideas and tie it back to work. Then test those ideas out. You never know, it might even spark a new interest.
  4. You are who you hang out with. In every workplace there is at least one person who is on top of everything; never late for work, well prepared for meetings, and oh, so organized. Did I mention they always have a smile on their face? I’m not telling you to be happy all the time but the best thing for you to do right now is to be around positive, driven people. The more you interact with them, the more you will be like them! So pick your workplace buddy wisely, stick by them and you will see a positive change in yourself. Trust me, its contagious!

Which one of these tips helped you the most and why?  Feel free to share with us in the comments!