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JOB HUNT / 05 February 2018
How to Write Your Millennial Resume That Stands out to Hiring Managers
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Christina Battons

Your resume needs to stand out!

Millennials seem to be having the hardest time when it comes to crafting their resumes so as to be noticed by recruiters. This is becoming especially more competitive in today’s job market, thus the need to write the best resume that one could possibly write. With the many graduates that are joining the job market in recent times, and the rate of new jobs coming up not meeting the demand, the job market is just not just what it used to be for the previous generations.


There are several things that most millennial resumes seem to be lacking and we shall be highlighting all those mistakes while giving you the best tips on how to write a resume that stands out.

1. Size Doesn’t Matter

Most people believe that when it comes to resumes, the more pages that you have, the more qualified you may seem. This is not exactly the case. More pages basically equal tiring the recruiter by making it hard for them to find exactly what they are looking for in a resume.


We will let you in on a secret; recruiters usually look for specific things in a resume, so when they pick up your resume and go through it, they are on the lookout for those things. Once they find them, they are able to make a sound judgment on whether you are a good candidate for that company or not. When you make your resume long, this becomes really hard for them. To save time, most will toss your resume to the side and move on to the next applicant.

Give the recruiter enough information to intrigue their interest but not too much so that you end up overwhelming them. Always start with the essentials: 

After writing it, give it to your friend to review it for you. Have them take 10 seconds or less to go through it and give you a detailed synopsis of what they read. If what they say contrasts with what you wrote then know that you have a problem.

2. Make an Effort

Recruiters come across a lot of resumes that are written just for the sake of it. Some have weird looking art on them, tinder profiles and other crazy stuff. You want to keep your resume clean and neat. 

When applying for a job, do not come up with generic resumes, take your time to find out exactly what the recruiter requires from you. Normally, this kind of information can be found on the page that you saw the job advertisement.

Recruiters take their time to write down what they require from the candidates that may be applying for the job, try and place yourself within those requirements. Take advantage of the highlighted characteristics. It’s highly recommended to tailor your resume for specific jobs, but don't overdo it! The formatting of a standard resume remains but you can shuffle the bullet points to be able to match the tone that the recruiters are looking for.

Another thing to avoid when it comes to resumes is that you do not want to lie on your resume. This could be the biggest mistake that you do. Recruiters have the ability to detect lies. They are probably not expecting to see a director or former CEO applying for an entry-level job, this is a clear red flag.

Before sending out that resume make sure that you use the appropriate email address. You are entering the professional realm thus you need a professional email.

3. Things They Look For on a Resume

There are several things that job recruiters look for on a resume. These things cumulatively work for you in order to get you the job that you desire.

The first is job titles. Recruiters spend as much time reviewing resumes as you would on Instagram. Take the time to go through your job titles and arrange them consistently. Let them have the same font size and a consistent style. This makes it easy for the recruiter to go through your work experience without having to go to search for your job titles.

Next up is the font style. A resume depicts how well organized you are, thus, you should make sure that you exhibit professional organizational skills. A well written and formatted resume will do much better compared to the one that has too many creative elements to it. Remember that they are more interested in your professional skills rather than your creativity.

Giving your resume a standard format makes it easier for the recruiter to read and point out the things that they may be interested in. Using a complicated font makes it hard for them to decipher the text, thus chances are that they will get bored and toss your resume away.

Still, on style, it is important that you choose the right color. Do not go for colors that make it hard for the recruiter to read your resume! Stick to the conventional black font and things will work out for you.

4. Volunteer More!

When advertising for an entry-level position, recruiters are not looking for heavily qualified individuals. They know that you may not have that much experience but instead, are looking for candidates that can be molded into qualified employees. This should not worry you that much.

One of the best ways that you can build your resume is to volunteer. This will help you get more professional experience, and is also a great way for you to get a foot into the professional world. Through volunteering, you will be able to gain connections that you may use later on to get other jobs.

If you want to stand out from others, make sure that you seek the volunteering opportunities that may be in your field. This may be what sets you apart from the next person.

5. Have a Value Statement

When applying for a job, ask yourself, what value are you adding to this organization? This question will guide you when it comes creating your value statement.

The value statement should not only showcase your skills but also relate them to real-world problems and how they can be used to solve these problems.

The value statement should also show the value and strengths that you may bring to the company, whatever experience it may be or the relationships that you may have with people within the industry.

6. Be Objective

As a millennial, you want your resume to be straight to the point. When writing your experiences and achievements, make sure that they are precise. If you happened to plan an office party, be sure to state how many people the party was for and how much resources you had to accomplish this task.

Being precise shows the recruiter the kind of impact that you may have on an organization and the things that you accomplished in detail. This also adds value to your name and shows that your achievements are experienced based.

To recap: Always focus on the fundamentals of any writing, stay away from the colorful fonts and unconventional formatting styles. Show the recruiter that you are worth taking and developing, thus, you need to shelf the lies and lack of experience, volunteering shows that you have the initiative.

All this may seem like a hard task but a well-written resume can make all the difference. So start today! Practice writing your resume to get better results in the future. 

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a web content expert from LA. Creative writer who is able to connect various thoughts into a single theme. Christina loves to stay up to date on the latest content marketing trends. Her works have been published on and other business resources. Connect with Christina on Twitter.