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CAREER / 14 December 2016
How to WOW Recruiters as a ProSky Branding Intern
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Ivy Au

So first off, what is a ProSky Branding Intern? Well, let’s break it down. ProSky is this awesome company that is revolutionizing the way job training is done through taking professional training programs and projectships. A Branding Intern (BI) is responsible for promoting ProSky within their college campus through various tactics, to create online content (like this post) for ProSky’s blog, and to participate in mini-challenges with other BIs every month. So how can you WOW recruiters with that? 

In this article, I will show existing and aspiring ProSky BIs how you can impress recruiters by presenting yourself as a BI at events like career fairs. In the following 5 steps, I will break down the exact tactics and introductions that I have used to get those hard-sought recruiter emails.

1. Go up to a recruiter and introduce yourself.

Give them the basic run-down like your name, major, year, goals, and what type of position you are looking to apply for. As you go over your resume…

2. State the ProSky BI Position and tasks handled.

The way I went over this was: “I am a Brand Ambassador for ProSky, and so as a Brand Ambassador I reach out to student organizations and create monthly content for the company’s blog.” 

Introduce ProSky and what they do

“ProSky is this great company that connects students with courses like social media marketing, SEO marketingdigital marketing. And along with each of those courses is a projectship with an established company like LinkedIn and Capital One.” 


Connect that with a projectship you have done for another company under ProSky

 “An example of a project I have done with ProSky was a social media and marketing project with SunRider.” 

Introduce that company briefly

“SunRider is a health and wellness company that is extremely popular in Asia and with the older generation in America. But, there is a disconnect between SunRider and the younger generation.” 

Explain the purpose and tasks of your project

“And so my group’s task was to try to use social media marketing to try to connect SunRider’s offerings with the millennials. We did a competitor analysis of what was working for SunRider’s competitors and what SunRider could learn from them. We also created a three-month calendar of possible postings SunRider could do with its offerings on its social media pages.” 

Talk about the outcomes of your project

“In the end, some of our ideas were implemented throughout their company postings.” 

If you want, add more relevance

You can talk more about transferable skills and then connect that with something else that relates on your resume. Some transferable skills that you can gain from being a ProSky BI would be teamwork, creativity, adaptability, leadership, etc. You can also relate the tasks done as a ProSky BI back to the one you are applying for at the career fair.

3. Remember that this is quick and brief so just get to the point

Don’t drag it out for too long, there are definitely other things to talk about!

4. Don’t forget to be energetic and excited.

Be really passionate about what you are saying. Companies love seeing someone with passion. Show some confidence that displays that you know what you are talking about; it makes you more believable.

5. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you are an amazing candidate with potential.

Generally, recruiters are impressed from hearing all of the cool real-world stuff you participated in outside of school. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back! 

P.S. ProSky is hiring! Being a ProSky BI is a wonderful opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and test your limits. APPLY NOW!