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WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 14 December 2016
How to Stay Organized and Sane
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Christina Cook

La Jolla

If you’re in a new job and having a hard time feeling like this:

Then you’re in luck. Here are some helpful ways to to stay organized with a new job:

Write down your priorities

Make a list of everything you need to do within the week or the day. If you make a list, you will give yourself an easier time remembering how many things you need to do during the week. If you are feeling fancy, you can even use different colored pens, columns, or post it notes for the more important or urgent items within your week. Once you are finished writing your priorities, order them from most important to least. Below is an example list:

Week Notices

Take out the trash at 6:30 pm 

Taxes due on Tuesday! 

Call doctors before Friday

Monday: Yoga @ 8:30 PM 

Finish project boss talked about

Get a planner and stick all your important times down into your planner!

Aim to get a planner that you think works best for you. There are tons of different ones in store, and online that you can order and made for specific types of jobs. Some types of planners include daily, weekly and monthly planners that focus on up close detailed planning, or planning from a bird’s eye. A bird’s eye is a planner that has dates seen from far away.

Protip: Bring your planner around and write everything important down right away!! That way you can look like this:When writing in your planner, try to be specific with your task. For example if you have to read a book, and write “read the book,” it would work, but it would be very vague. Instead, aim to write “read pages 400 - 450.” By being specific, you can give yourself a realistic and obtainable goal within a certain amount of time.

Download an organizer app!

Since most people nowadays use phones, you can add a planner to your phone so you can get notifications all in one place. This reduces the amount of paper you use from buying a planner, and saves time by keeping your schedule in your phone. Here are several apps worth mentioning:

Treat yo self for staying sane!

Once you finish your tasks write down some rewards you want! Once a week, a month, or maybe a special event, reward yourself! Rewarding yourself makes you feel good, keeps you motivated, inclined to work harder, and is a reminder to yourself that hard work does pay off. Pick a realistic reward such as a movie, clothes, a night out with friends, etc.

Don’t procrastinate.

By not procrastinating, your productivity and ability to stay organized will be on point! In order to not procrastinate, try not to get distracted. Distracting ourselves gives us time to delay the task you originally had to do. Procrastinating also causes you to be distressed and feel guilty more often than we think. Try Unstuck if you are wondering the underlying reason why you procrastinate. Unstuck also helps with other life problems and boosts productivity overall.

Know your limits

If you have many night classes, your day job, and other commitments, you might have too much on your plate. Although priorities are important, having too much on your plate, will distract you and prevent you from becoming burnt out. Finding a balance, will give you time to relax and have a realistic set of priorities you will be able to do daily, weekly, or monthly.

Ask for help!

Ask your coworkers, friends or family members if you want some help! Asking for help will promote communication and build closer relationships with other people. You can always ask for little reminders such as texts, phone calls, or emails so that you get things done. Furthermore, broadcasting your task to others will motivate you to stay more organized and keep on track to staying sane! 

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