WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 27 February 2018
How to stay motivated when Working from Home
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Emily Campbell

Whether you’re a young professional or a little further into your career, the chances are high that you’ve had the opportunity to work from home at one point or another. These days, many people see working from home as the ultimate perk, due to benefits like flexibility, comfort, and no long commute into an office. 

Though working from home can be great, those who do it regularly know that it can be difficult to achieve maximum productivity due to the number of distractions that are often inevitable when you start working in the same place that you relax.

Successfully managing yourself can be challenging, but it is important to master this skill early and to employ it regularly. Understanding the types of factors that are likely to hinder your productivity when you work from home is crucial to learning to successfully self-manage for the long haul. When you know the interruptions you’re most likely to face in your home office, you’ll be better equipped to set ground rules in order to maximize your productivity.

Fundera created a guide on self-management tips for those that work from home. Read on to learn best practices for maximizing your productivity if you work by yourself.