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How to Stay Motivated in 2017
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Sharon Lee
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Feeling lazy but still want to stay motivated throughout the year? Read these steps to help you get started!

“Motivation is what drives you toward a goal, what keeps you going when things get tough, the reason you get up early to exercise or work late to finish a project. “

1. Find and do what you love

Finding your passions can really increase your motivation and help you achieve those goals. If you don’t know what you are passionate about, find what you are interested in. The best motivation is for you to really crave and want something because it will get you excited and passionate. It can be anything such as an enjoyable activity, an existing hobby, or even wanting to learn something new (piano, language, etc). If you are still not sure what you love doing, research online or read books about any related topics and ask other people. Here are more detailed steps to help you develop a passion for something. 

“Choose to be happy by doing things that make you happy. If you feel good about yourself, you'll be more easily motivated”

2. Make time for yourself

Always remember to take a break especially after a stressful day. You can take a break by watching TV, eating snacks, going on social media, taking a nap, exercising or even reading a book. This can help you be more refreshed when you start getting back to work. Make sure to not overwork yourself since it can cause stress. Stress decreases your motivation because you are physically and mentally exhausted. A lot of researches has shown that not giving yourself a break can increase mental fatigueness. Taking a quick 15-minute or a long hour break can help relieve your stress and get you back on track by helping you focus.

3. Set weekly goals

In order to STAY motivated, write down the tasks or goals for the day onto your daily planner. Using a planner is a good way of reminding yourself of those tasks. Setting daily or weekly goals can help you stay organized and reach those goals. After completing a task, you should highlight or use a checkmark to show that you have accomplished the task for the day. Knowing that you have achieved the task or goal can really increase your motivation everyday. If you don’t end up completing a certain task, don’t give up and learn that “process becomes a perfection” later on. 

4. Make sure to reward yourself

Giving yourself a reward can help you along the road of being motivated. Any reward that satisfies you is a great incentive in reaching your goals. A reward can be anything that you will be happy with such as shopping, hanging out with friends, and buying yourself a concert ticket. Rewarding yourself will help remind you that you have achieved your goals and will keep you going. 

5. Get help and support

Getting support from your friends and family is the most helpful way in guiding you to motivation. Hearing encouraging and hearing supportive words will give you a positive mindset and will keep you going through your journey. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are struggling and need help along the road of motivation. Your friends and family can give you helpful advices from their own experiences. It is important to have positive people around you because hearing negative words will only bring you down. Also, make sure to even encourage yourself by saying “I am doing better each day”, “I can do it”, and more

Staying motivated may be difficult but always remember to not give up by always using these steps above. 

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