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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
High Demand Tech Skills Every Recruiter is Looking For
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Aiming Li
Branding Intern

In today’s technologically oriented economy, it is hardly news that people with hard-core tech skills -- coders, IT managers, server administrators -- have a huge advantage when it comes to seeking a career and often gets paid at a much higher rate than their tech challenged counterparts. 

According to a LinkedIn analysis of the most in-demand skills for 2016, it found that 19 of the top 25 were technology-related skills such as cloud computing, software development for mobile devices, and online security. This trend influences hiring decisions for virtually all jobs, not just technology-centered positions. 

The ability to effectively operate Microsoft Office software such as Spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Email are no longer considered “unique skillsets”, instead they are being assumed to be some of the most basically equipped skills by many employers today. With technology quickly and constantly changing, employers everywhere are looking for candidates with effective technology skills. This means that administrative, creative, sales, marketing and other non-IT job seekers are required to have a relatively strong tech background and skillsets to stay competitive. Here, I am going to list some of the highest demand tech skills to have right now and how they can help improve your job search. 


Web and Social Skills

Most organizations are looking to enhance their footprint on the web and within social media. Workers who can maintain and upgrade websites using tools like content management systems, HTML, Dreamweaver, WordPress, and Java are very attractive to employers. Candidates who understand how to leverage social media to convey messages about their organization are in high demand. 

“Generally speaking, no matter the role, it’s valuable for people to be social media savvy. Online communities are important places to share and access information, and to engage with customers and prospects.” - Xari Chartrand, HR manager at Halogen Software. 

If you have no experience actually working in social media, you might be able to use a guerilla approach to prove your worth. If you are able to generate a large number of following on Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat, you are proving that you could do the same for your target company as well. If you're a candidate who wants to break into this field, the best way is to just start doing it on your own. It is a good idea to start creating content on a chosen social media platform on a regular basis, do put effort into it and over time you will attract a group of audiences for yourself. 

Data Analytics Skills

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the fastest-growing occupations between now and 2022 will be information security analysts (37 percent), operations research analysts (27 percent) and statisticians (27 percent). This means that candidates with a strong background in data science and analytics will have a real advantage in the job market. Rowan Gormley, CEO of customer-funded winery NakedWines, said that smart employers are looking for people who understand data and its value to a business.

"It takes a special kind of person to analyze [data], build a test plan, measure results. Thanks to massive improvements in the software that collects, stores, and integrates data to implement winning ideas," Gormley said during an interview with Business News Daily. "Part of this is easy to obtain — go and take a class or two about databases, learn SQL, etc. The other piece of the puzzle is knowing how to use that data. Managers ... want the people who can look at a wall of data and say, 'There's one number here that matters.'" 

Companies can use this information to do things like target new customers, improve service, and offer more personalized products—as long as they employ folks who understand how to organize, analyze, and apply it.

Computer Languages

Glassdoor recently compiled a report on the Top 25 Lucrative, in-demand jobs. More than half of the jobs listed on the report are in tech and require programming skills. Common computer languages like C++ and Python will always be necessary to be considered for tech positions. With all the changes happening with JavaScript, companies are also looking for engineers proficient in Ruby on Rails. If you’re interested in a fast-growing and lucrative career, you might want to make learning to code next on your checklist!

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You can learn to build responsive and interactive websites that are design and user-experience driven; you can learn the hottest programming stack that has become the choice of many silicon valley companies and start-ups; you can also learn to build mobile-phone applications on all the operating systems with IOS and Android development. 

Always remember, if you are interested in becoming a developer, it is important to be well-versed in a number of programming languages so you can be versatile and adaptable. 

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