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Interviews / 14 December 2016
ProSky Happy Hour with Ryan Craig - Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Influencer
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Tim Elkana

If you haven’t heard the news, ProSky could be speaking at  SXSW on a panel about America’s skills gap! One of our other panelists is the brilliant Ryan Craig: Managing Director at University Ventures and author of College Disrupted: The Great Unbundling of Higher Education. We got a chance to ask him a few questions this week: 

Tell me about your first job. 

Scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I only lasted 3 weeks because another job I applied for simultaneously – bus boy in a reasonably upscale restaurant – came through 3 weeks later.  Later, I was able to help my younger brother get the same job.  He only lasted 3 weeks for a very different reason: his scoops were too big! 

When you’re stressed, what’s the best way to relieve yourself? 

Running.  I run 10 miles at least every other day.  Helps me focus and relax. 

If you had to give your 20-year old self-advice, what would it be? 

Build your academic program around what interests you.  Try theming your classes across disciplines each semester.  You’ll be amazed at the connections you discover.  And if your interest turns into a passion, I guarantee you’ll be able to build a career around that.  Employers are excited about candidates with deep passion and expertise, no matter how esoteric. 

What’s your spirit animal and why? 

Would have to be my dog, a golden doodle named Henry.  He’s pretty much the best. 

Donuts or bagels? Porque? 

This is hard.  On one hand, I’m from Canada and there are few things more Canadian than a donut shop.  When I take my kids back to Canada each summer, first stop is Tim Horton’s to pick up a maple glazed for each of them.  The countervailing argument is that I’m a lover of bagels, and a self-proclaimed connoisseur.  You may not believe this, but in high school, my brother – yes, the one who got fired from B&R for scooping too big – and I founded a magazine called Bagelese.  We covered the entire Toronto bagel scene.  One issue featured this very debate:  bagels vs. donuts.  You can guess which won out.  So I’ll have to go with bagels. 

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Get inspired by Ryan’s story - it is possible to be serving ice cream one day and then the next writing an amazing book that helps college students learn more about the skills gap issue we have in this great big country of ours! It doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right mentorship, you can learn how to make the best decisions for your career! 

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