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Interviews / 14 December 2016
ProSky Happy Hour with Pocket Sun - Founding Partner & VC at SoGal Ventures
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Tim Elkana

With the SoGal Startup Bootcamp coming up on September 25-27, we got a chance to interview SoGal’s founder Pocket Sun. Be sure to RSVP for the event and jump start your career!

Tell me about yourself.
I’m 24 years old, female, born and raised in China, and a globetrotter. 

What’s SoGal Startup Bootcamp?
It’s the coolest 3-day entrepreneurship, tech and diversity festival. We have a 52-hour lean startup competition, and 30+ workshops and panels for founders to learn and meet new people. Everyone is welcome! Did I mention that we have live music, food trucks, free massage, free head shots, and more? 

What if you’re not a startup? What are some other things of interest?
We teach you how to ask for money and feel good about it, how to present like a star, how to speak with confidence, how to eat right in a busy schedule... You will find something, if not everything! Plus, who doesn’t want to party? 

Cover what’s going to be going on at the event.
A lot of cool people sharing their two cents and uncensored stories. Some people working hard to build something over the weekend. More people having fun, eating and drinking, and making friends! 

Who will benefit most from the event?
Anyone who has a young and entrepreneurial spirit! 

What’s the schedule breakdown (by day)?
There’s a lot going on! Please check out

What mentors will be there?
We have dozens of them! Please check out

What (if any) prizes are available?
Draper University offered a $7k scholarship. 500 Startups, Colab, Rhubarb Studios and others offered other great perks for young entrepreneurs. 

Where can people find tickets/info?
Tickets are going fast at Special discount: use code SOGAL!

We hope this interview inspires you to be productive in taking your career to the next level. 

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