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Interviews / 14 December 2016
ProSky Happy Hour with Jim Deters - Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor, Influencer
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Tim Elkana

If you haven’t heard the news, ProSky could be speaking at an SXSW panel about America’s skills gap! The third panelist on stage with us is the amazing Jim Deters: CEO & Founder of Galvanize. The company is a place where you can learn how to be a tech developer, data scientist or even build your own tech startup. It’s safe to say that Jim Deters understands the importance in-demand technical skills (like Python Stack!) play in the real world. We got a chance to ask him a few questions this week: 

Tell me about your first job.

My first job was working as a lifeguard. What better way to spend a summer as a kid than getting paid to be at the pool!?

When you’re stressed, what’s the best way to relieve yourself?

When stressed, I run or ride my bike. I am a big athlete and running is my favorite meditation.

If you had to give your 20-year old self advice, what would it be?

Keep having the courage to do what you believe.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

I am not sure what a spirit animal is - but my kids ask me to pick what animal I would be and it would be a dog - a German Shepherd. Loyal, strong, loving, yet regal.

Donuts or bagels? Porque?

Bagels of course b/c I am a Jew!

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