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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Five Fabulous Steps to Clean Up Your Social Profiles
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Brittanei Cain

From major job corporations to college admission boards, your social media accounts are a key component to your interview. Too many times on Twitter, I’ve seen someone get exposed for their inappropriate content, going viral, and in turn, getting fired from their job. Don’t be that person! Clean up your social media accounts and keep your squeaky clean image. We know that you are a creative, intelligent individual, but does your social media account reflect your true identity? Are you sending the right messages?

You need to make sure that you are represented to best of your abilities on social media. A few haunting tweets from your past can ruin your professional image and first impressions. Make sure that you post relevant content that explores the life that you want to live. Be creative, animated, clean and fun in order to reveal your best self.

 Let’s get you on track to creating a clean and professional image for social media:

  1. Google yourself
  2. Clean up pictures
  3. Fix your profile name
  4. Watch out for your friends and retweets 
  5. Change your tagging preferences

First things first, you need to Google yourself. You have no idea what’s being said about you if you don’t google yourself and do it often. Strange fact about me, I google almost everyone. Before I follow someone on social media or connect with them on LinkedIn, I google them immediately. I can guarantee that anytime you go in for an interview, your interviewer will have googled you and have already formed an opinion about you. Don’t be that guy that has their name associated with inappropriate accounts.


Next, please, please, please clean up your profile pictures. Different social media accounts require different themes for your pictures. For example, when I click on your digital profile on LinkedIn, I prefer to see a picture of you where I can clearly see your face. A semi-professional picture is preferred in my opinion and you can never go wrong with a button-down shirt. At this point, with such advances in technology, it is okay to take a photo on an iPhone (however, selfies are highly unrecommended). Nothing needs to be extremely fancy, just make sure that it is appropriate. If you need more tips on how to take the perfect profile picture make sure to read this post.

On your Facebook, you may be able to have a cute profile photo that shows you after your weekend mud-run, but please don’t use that same picture for LinkedIn. That’s definitely not okay and you should not want that to be your first impression. It may be a good conversation starter, but leave the muddy pictures to Instagram and Twitter. Also, delete any pictures that may be deemed inappropriate. We love that you love to have fun but steer clear of excessive party posts. 

Fix your profile name immediately. Back in 2009, we all thought that it would be a cool idea to make your profile name on Facebook something ridiculous and long. News flash, we are now adults and we should act accordingly. For example, please leave Sally SingleAndLovingLife Sampson in 2010, thanks in advance! Your Twitter and Instagram name should show off your personality and be as fabulous as you are! Please don’t make me privately message you because I can’t afford to mention you and have your name on my newsfeed/timeline. Shine your best light on social media, be simple and use the name that you were born with. Or some fun combination of it!

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” 

This quote definitely resonates in this day and age. With the widespread of technology, people can tell a lot about you by the people that follow you, mutual friends and even suggested followers. If your friends are posting inappropriate things and you retweet them, that is a direct reflection of you. If all of your favorites and retweets are negative, an employer can see that you may be a toxic person and infringe on the company dynamic. Time to start positive posting and leaving a few friends from the past behind! Unfollow/Unfriend can start to be your BFF.

Lastly, change your privacy preferences on your social accounts. Everyone that you hang out with may not be reading an article like this and might not have your best interests in mind when tagging you in photos and statuses. Make sure that you approve everything before they show up on your newsfeed. This will not only help with regulating inappropriate content about you, but you can stop your mom from posting that super embarrassing photo of you from high school.

All in all, make sure you clean up your profiles as soon as you can. Don’t miss out on your dream job because of a few mistakes. Be confident, share yourself with the world, and demand the attention you deserve. Start re-evaluating your social presence and who knows, maybe on your next ProSky project, your mentors will be highly impressed with you before you have your first meeting. Whoop!