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CAREER / 14 December 2016
9 Ways To Instantly Fit In At Your New Job
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Ivy Au

Congratulations, you are finally employed! You are all set to go! But wait, you just started this new position and you are the new kid at work. Essentially, you don’t really know anyone at the company. Everyone either treats you as the newbie or acts as if you know where everything is and are an expert; things are awkward. There are many things you can do to put yourself in a good position among your new coworkers, and if you are lucky you may even find a mentor. 

What do you now? Break the ice. 

First off, what NOT to do:

1. Careful not to be too eager to know every single detail of your co-workers’ lives. It’s totally fine to be curious about how someone is doing, but keep it to a certain extent. Superiors and co-workers tend not to like being around people who give them the chills. Give them some space and things will work out in turn. 

2. DON’T lie about your hobbies, talents, or interests just to fit in or impress your superiors! Most importantly, don’t lie about your skill set. If you don’t have the necessary hard skills to complete a task, ask for help instead of trying to do it all yourself. It will probably end up coming back to bite you once your superiors give you a project that you supposedly “already” know how to do. It’s not fun dealing with that awkwardness. 

3. Don’t try to start arguments with the people you work with! Sometimes, people may have differing opinions from yours and that is completely okay. Keep your drama separate from the workplace, and people will like being around you! Read this Forbes article on 5 best ways to deal with workplace conflict. 

4. Don’t be overly sarcastic while you are having conversations. Big one here. Sarcasm is a natural aspect in some people’s personalities, but wait until you have worked there for a long enough time, so that you know how much sarcasm you can actually get away with. 

5. Finally, DON’T flirt with your co-workers. This is one of the most unprofessional things you can do. The workplace is there to get things done and not a place for a budding romance. People will feel uncomfortable being around you if they find out that you are a flirt. 

What to Do:

6. Have a sense of humor. People generally like being around others who are easy-going and make funny jokes. But keep it minimal and not to the point where everything that comes out of your mouth is supposed to be a “joke.” Expressing individuality allows others to trust you and you will make better connections instantly. 

7. You should definitely get to know the people you are working with! It is especially important to remember their names. Who knows, you might make a valuable connection. 

8. Learn to give compliments to people. It’s not hard to tell someone that you think that they did a great job in some area. They will definitely appreciate your compliments and in turn, may give you one back. Mutual appreciation feels good. 

9. Try to keep up with the different lingo that goes around at your new workplace. Each workplace may have their own set of terminology. For example, my office co-workers call google chat, “G-chat.” It’s some pretty hip stuff - don’t stay out of the loop! 

Take these tips with your new job, and good luck on getting used to your new company position! Follow these steps and you may become the new cool kid on the block that everyone at work wants to be around. 

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