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CAREER / 14 December 2016
5 Top Resources that Will Help you Land an Internship
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Jonathan Javier

Internships. The word may excite college students or might scare them. I personally was scared of the word because I did not know how to obtain one, let alone apply to one. However, there are countless available resources out there to help college students obtain these internships in order to gain the skills and experience they need in specific fields, like growth marketing, software engineering, and business sales,  leading to landing dream jobs first thought of as unattainable. 

Here are a few, helpful tips to get your feet in the water to land the internship of your dreams. 

  1. Job Fair: Most students do not go to job fairs because they are scared of attending or just are unaware that there is a job fair happening. However, job fairs help significantly with making important connections and practicing your communication skills. My experience with job fairs has been nothing short of spectacular; I obtained two internships while going to these events with two Fortune 500 companies, Sherwin-Williams and Kohl’s. Attend these events by yourself or go with a group of friends to motivate yourself to see what internships are out there. You can find job fairs on either your school career page site or through emails your school sends out.
  2. Glassdoor: Glassdoor is a key asset to finding internships and jobs in your respective field. Many college students I have met have not even heard of this website. Glassdoor not only offers jobs and internships, but also tips on interviews and how to prepare for them. It also tells you base salaries of different companies while giving reviews of the company itself. Utilize Glassdoor like it’s one of your best friends; it will help you in the long term.
  3. Preparation for Interviews: Once you get an interview for an internship you want, preparation is key. Prepare for the interview like it is a midterm by studying the company, its values, and what the company does for consumers and other individuals. By tying in company values into your answers, the company will know that you did your research and that you really want to work for them. Students who fail to land their internships take the interviews for granted and think they will land the job automatically. Sometimes this is the case, but in other terms, it is not. It is best to prepare for your interviews in order to land your dream internship.
  4. Career Center: Utilize it! Your school will usually have a center dedicated to helping you advance your career. These people will ultimately help shape your career path because the individuals that are a part of these place have been on the other side and can offer their experience to you as well as other resources you may have not previously considered. 
  5. Digital profiles: We are currently seeing many recruiters move away from cover letters and leaning more towards online profiles. These online profiles can be seen by recruiters easily and efficiently. You can start creating an online profile by using ProSky! By creating an online profile with ProSky, many recruiters will see your skills through projects you do and through the experience you have. I have done a social media marketing project where I did research and analysis for the company: Cleanify. All of these factors influence whether or not you will obtain the internship of your dreams. 

To help yourself along, register for a project with ProSky today and work with real mentors from real hiring companies that are looking to hire.