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JOB HUNT / 26 April 2017
Breaking Down Tech: Top 5 Tech Careers in 2017
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Kelly Nguyen

If you’re a college grad or looking to change for a job in the field of technology, guess what – you’re in luck! Tech professionals are currently in high demand to fill open tech positions.

But how do you truly know which jobs are the top 5 tech careers for 2017? We know it’s too much work to scroll through a bunch of lists from previous years to find the ones that offer the highest pay, have the best job outlook, etc. etc. – that’s why we did it for you! In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the 5 top tech careers in 2017. Keep scrolling to find out more! 

Here are the top 5 tech careers for 2017 (in no particular order):

1. Web Developer
A web developer career is self-explanatory. A web developer creates and designs websites – typically for clients, customers, or businesses. However, web developers don’t just design the site – they are also responsible for maintaining all of the technology and behind-the-scene aspects of the website. Web developers are in charge of making sure that everything on the website runs smoothly and efficiently. 

College students that wish to pursue a career as a web developer should know how to code and design using programming languages like HTML, Java, CSS, and etc. There is a good job outlook for those who wish to pursue a career in this field. In fact, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for web developers is projected to grow by 27% from 2014-2024! This can be widely attributed to the rise of the digital age in today’s society. 

2. Software Engineer
A software engineer is very similar to a web developer, but not quite. A software engineer is responsible for creating, developing, maintaining, and testing software and software systems. They are responsible for knowing and understanding the ins and outs of computers. Software engineers can also be known as computer programmers. 

A good candidate for a software engineering position is someone who has majored in computer science and is skilled with coding and various programming languages. He/she will also have experience from related internships/job positions. Once they have entered this field, software engineers can expect to earn over $100,000 a year!   

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3. Information Security Analyst
You may be wondering: what exactly does information security entail? Well, based on an article by Search Security, information security is “a set of strategies for managing the processes, tools, and policies necessary to prevent, detect, document, and counter threats to digital and non-digital information.” So what does an information security analyst do? 

An information security analyst is responsible for planning, developing, and carrying out various security measures to protect a company’s computer systems. Basically, they act as the security guards/bodyguards for important technological data. IS analyst positions typically require a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field to qualify. 

As the number of cyberattacks increase, the job outlook for information security analysts continues to increase as well. According to the BLS, recent data has shown that the employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 18% from 2014-2024, making it a top tech career choice for 2017. This statistic makes the information security analyst career a top choice for millennials, college students, and graduates.

4. Analytics Manager
Next up on our list of top 5 tech careers for 2017 is analytics manager. It is known as one of the fastest growing jobs, with a 30% growth in the next ten years (based on CNN ). An analytics manager is in charge of gathering, analyzing and collecting data. They are also in charge of creating solutions, measuring performance, and work on data modeling. 

To qualify to be an analytics major, college students should have a degree in math, statistics, business, or information technology. Aspiring analytics managers should also be able to use various forms of software.

5. Data Scientist
According to an infographic by Springboard, a data scientist is also known as a statistician, or a data manager. Data scientists are able to take business problems and transform them into data questions. They also know how to create predictive models using this data to answer questions and explain their results. A good data scientist should be able to apply knowledge of math and science to solve data problems. 

Data scientists make an average of $115,000 a year – which is amazing! To become a data scientist, one must have experience in math, science, programming/coding, and other related subjects. Millennials and college students that intend to become data scientists should major in math, econ, computer science, or physics. This position is highly competitive – based on the fact that is it one of the top 5 tech careers in 2017. 

The tech field is growing – and it’s easy to see why! There are many job options in the technology available, with the top 5 being the ones on the list above. Many of these tech jobs (as said before) require knowledge of coding and software.