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CAREER / 14 December 2016
Boost your Professionalism through Social Media
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Kim Lee

Social media is used every day by people of all ages. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are classic examples of networks that anyone can tap into in order to find out more about you. These social media profiles can highlight some of your best qualities or may represent you in a negative light. 

Here are some tips when dealing with your social media. 

Use common sense when you post:

You are what you post, so be cautious of what you post on your social media sites. Your future boss and coworkers may have a hold of your social media accounts. What you post will represent who you are and what type of standards you hold. Personal experience: My current boss did not hire this perfect candidate because of what she had posted in a tweet earlier that month. If you do not think people are looking for ways to not hire you, then you are wrong. The way you personally present yourself through your tweets, Facebook posts, and pictures you put up can be seen by virtually anyone. 

Go through your accounts:

Go through every one of your accounts and cleaning them will go a long way rather than waiting for your boss to find something you would not want him/her to see. Personal experience: If you do not want someone to see something you do not want them to see, why not go back and delete it? On Facebook, there are things such as "tagged" photos but you can go and change it to "untag" yourself. On Instagram and Twitter, you have the power to delete anything you want. 

Be cautious of your viewers:

If you are on private, only accept followers that you know and would not mind viewing your posts and pictures. Posting fun and friendly photos show that you have character and a fun personality. Personal Experience- I have many friends that are not on private mode on Instagram and Twitter which gives anyone access to their accounts- including strangers from all over the world. Many individuals have come across accounts that are fake but have their pictures set. What if someone thinks a fake account is actually yours? It is crucial to know who your audience is and who is viewing your postings. 

Match the Right Content to the Right Network:

Each social media has its own intended purposes so matching its specific post to its correct network can be successful when used accurately. For example, Instagram is used to post fun and friendly pictures of outings. Facebook is used to post thoughts, photos, and messages. Twitter is used for short messages and photos. LinkedIn is a more professional network that is used to know someone’s business side. 

Personal Experience- Do not post irrelevant posts to certain social media. If you are using LinkedIn, it is not bright to post pictures from a crazy weekend. Also, do not post every thought in your mind on Twitter because it may offend others. 

By following all of these steps, you will be one step ahead of many candidates. Many people tend to forget that social media plays a big role in the way you portray yourself. Anyone has access to your profiles including your future boss. Having a presentable and clean social media can definitely boost your professionalism. 

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