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NO CATEGORY / 14 December 2016
6 Ways Black Friday Shopping is Just Like Getting a Job
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Tim Elkana

Looking for your first job is both work and time intensive. Who’s crazy enough to spend three solid weeks searching for researching, then wake up at 5 am to practice for a whole day of interviews? But wait... isn’t that just like Black Friday shopping? The time and energy, not to mention preparation that goes into looking for deals on the biggest shopping day of the year are the same energy, enthusiasm, and effort that goes into looking for a job. Check out these 6 reasons you’re already prepared for the job search if you’re a great Black Friday shopper.

1. You’re great at research.

Whether it’s K-Mart, Best Buy, or Kate Spade, you can recite every store’s Black Friday deals by heart. You’ve scoured the internet for sales, browsed through catalogs back to back, and wrote down countless opportunities on a notepad. For a pro like you, it shouldn’t be hard to search the internet for entry-level jobs and apply to them. Having good researching skills (like the ones used for shopping, deals, travel, etc) are dire for many companies. This is something I bet you didn’t realize, but it's true because most jobs require good research skills. Whether it’s quantitative/qualitative research, content writing, or oral communication, your hard research skills will help you stand apart.

2. You set schedules- and stick to them.

On the big day, you’re a walking Google map. You know the distance between stores and memorized every opening time. You understand traffic and can be at the location 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Do this at an interview and you’ll impress your future employers. Being prepared and arriving early, dressing appropriately and having an excited attitude will give your recruiter an amazing first impression.

3. You wake up extremely early with confidence.

Maybe you need two cups of coffee, but you’re still up and smiling! Tackling the day gets a lot easier when you have ample time to mentally ready yourself. Don’t rush into Black Friday shopping or a job interview without the confidence to grab what you want.

4. You rehearse your entrance and exit strategy.

You don’t even think about entering a building unless you’ve practiced for every possible scenario that could happen. TVs out of stock? Quickly find a competing brand. There’s a crowd in your way? Run around the other aisle. Your interviewer doesn’t seem happy to see you? Whip out the tricks you learned here!

5. You won’t leave until you get a deal. 

Sometimes they’re REALLY out of iPhones. But sometimes there’s a few lying around in the back. If you’re tenacious enough to ask every employee to find you a product, you can hustle your way into a job. Try showing off the unique skills you’ve learned or the experience you bring into the company. You may not get a job right away, but you definitely won’t stand out if you don’t ask for the job. You want the last impression that they have of you is that you want to be doing that work, let them make no mistake about it.

6. You correct your mistakes and improve next time.

"Even if you fall, you’re still moving forward." Maybe your schedule didn’t go according to plan or maybe the person in front of you got the last product you wanted. Either way, losing out on one sale doesn’t mean you’ve lost out on every other one. Job hunting isn’t an easy process and can still fail even if you thoroughly plan. But if you bring high-demand skills to an interview, can highlight your hands-on work experience, and stand out from the other applicants, employers can’t ignore you. Why wait until Winter Break to start prepping for your future? 

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