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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
9 Holiday Sweaters That'll Definitely Win you a ProSky Scholarship
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Tim Elkana

Let’s be clear, I’m a cheapskate. I download PDFs of my required textbooks, hate spending more than $20 on holiday shopping, and turn down every "Do you want fries with that?" request. As a college student, I have no money to spend. 

That’s why ProSky’s giving away one FREE training course. Learn a high-demand skill like SEO, Python, Rails, and digital marketing to name a few...and have something seriously awesome to show future employers, without spending a dime. 

But wait, how can you win this course? Wear an ugly sweater. Take a selfie with that sweater. Upload to Instagram. Other important details here. If you don’t have an ugly sweater somewhere under your bed, here are 9 inexpensive ones you can buy online: 

1. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal 

A nod to everyone’s favorite holiday movie. (Home Alone) 

2. Reindeer 

It comes with a fuzzy red ball on its nose- how can you resist?! 

3. Penguin Suit

 The perfect sweater for holidays, birthdays, and a trip to the zoo. Sadly it’s not so inexpensive. 

4. Bear With Me


Incredibly well-priced and really stylish. I actually own this sweater! 

5. Darth Vader

 Just in time for the new Star Wars movie, this sweater is a welcome addition to any Jedi’s wardrobe. 

6. Hotline Bling

Deck the halls with Drake’s song of the year. Also related: 

7. Fleece Navidad

 Cute sheep and a clever pun. 

8. Santa Claws

 Cute cat and another clever pun. 

9. How About Snow? 

Nothing tackier than puns, sewn-on letters, and a red/green sweater. Take a hint from one of these sweaters if you’re aiming to win the Ugly Sweater Contest. One selfie can earn you the skills necessary to land a high-demand position. Take the first step this holiday season and complete a free candidate profile with ProSky