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CAREER / 14 December 2016
4 TED Talks to Make You Crave Success
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Anna Martirosyan

Success might be easily thought of, but not always easily achieved. Success has a different meaning to each of us and for each person, comes about in a different way. This is why when we’re applying to internships or training for a job, motivation, skill, and the way we go about reaching success differs greatly from person to person. 

But regardless of what success might mean to each of us, certain things make you crave success and motivate you to become a better version of yourself. Whether we want to change the world or change ourselves, here are some TED talks to inspire success in each of us. 

1) Diana Nyad - Never, ever give up

Nothing quite motivates success like hearing a story of true strength and resilience. In her TED talk, Nyad depicts the story of her swimming from the coast of Florida to Cuba and the challenges she faced during her journey. But what was most important was that it took her several tries - and lots of work in the middle - to achieve her end goal.

Whether attempting to swim hundreds of miles or striving for the dream job, Nyad’s story will make you hungry for success. When it comes to jobs, Nyad’s story is a great reminder that just because you’ve been rejected and had a negative experience, there’s always great room for improvement and lots of potential for success. 

2) Reshma Saujani - Teach girls bravery, not perfection

From a female perspective, this TED talk resonated with me on an unparalleled level. Saujani brought up points about how girls are raised and how they behave that I hadn’t even thought of but were incredibly true, especially in the fast-paced and competitive work environment of today. 

But her TED talk doesn’t just stop with women. What’s most valuable is remembering that reaching for big dreams and what may seem like unattainable goals shouldn’t be hindered by how others view you and what norms have been set by society.

If you’ve ever been curious to learn a new skill or go into a job that might challenge the status quo, try starting off small with a training course. Want to understand more about coding or marketing? What better way to start than with courses that take you step by step and then give you a real live project to work on? 

3) Ken Kamler - Medical miracle on Mount Everest

The power of the mind is truly an incredible thing. People often underestimate the power of the mind, but this TED talk will challenge your belief.

Though a medical miracle on the top of Mount Everest likely won’t happen to any of us, what will happen is the need to use the power of the mind to overcome challenges in the workforce. Each job, task, and subtask has its own challenges. Though some may seem incredibly difficult, it’s important to remember that your mind is much more powerful than you give it credit. Hearing such a story about a miracle will fuel you up to reach any goal. 

And we can’t forget one of the most amazing things about the mind: its ability to acquire new information at a nearly endless capacity. This ability alone when harnessed can be our strongest asset in the workforce, especially at a young age. 

There’s so much to learn, whether at school, during job training, or simply from life. Some of the most successful people are able to harness all their knowledge to tackle the most challenging tasks in creative ways. If you’ve ever wanted to expand your skill set (and up your chances to find your dream job!), try starting off with some training courses for high demand skills. If training courses aren’t really your thing, try a small project for a company. Whatever it may be, learning and growing is an indispensable key to success. 


4) Simon Sinek - How great leaders inspire action

At the end of it all, the most successful people often want to become leaders. Leaders want others to learn from their ideas and grow as they grow with them. Sinek’s TED talk demonstrates key ideas on how leaders inspire others and communicate their ideas effectively. 

This TED talk promotes some of the most valuable parts of success: leading people after you reach your success. Take a minute and listen how you too can learn to communicate your ideas better. But don’t stop there. Build more skills and learn more to continue your leadership in the workforce and beyond.

It’s easy to dream of success, but we all know the first steps to reaching it are always the hardest. These TED talks should hopefully fuel you with the passion to take those first steps. Let us know what you thought of the talks by leaving a comment below and tell us how you want to tackle the first steps to reaching your goals!