3 Ways To Implement Self-Care Into Your Work Schedule
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Isabella Ang
Salt Lake City

I love self-care. In fact, I could preach self-care all day! I strongly believe that by practicing self-care in your personal life, you make all aspects of your life more successful and fulfilled. When it comes to self-care, most people surprisingly don’t implement it into their workday. 

Although it is common knowledge that self-care is necessary for a fulfilled life, working and self-care are often not associated and are placed in completely different categories. As in most any case, if you place yourself first and take care of number one; you will find yourself being able to better perform at work. And with better performance comes furthering your career. 

It can be easy to forget to take care of yourself when the tasks pile up! Ultimately, practicing good self-care comes into a full circle filled with success and happiness. With that being said, the question is why don’t more people implement self-care during the week at work? 

Here are a few ideas on how to build some self-care into your daily schedule.

1. Develop Rituals

In the past couple years I have really been working on improving my self-care. By doing so I have noticed what a huge positive impact it has made in all areas of my life. One of the most important changes I have made is developing small daily “rituals” into my life that I look forward to doing. 

For example, before I start work I like to have a cup of chai tea and practice some light yoga. Not only does it start my day out right with clearing my mind and getting a little bit of exercise; but it’s something that I enjoy and look forward to doing each morning. On top of that I by getting some light exercise in, I am taking care of my mental health by releasing endorphins, and boosting my energy and brain power. 

If you don’t have time for a yoga sesh, no problem. Consider developing a ritual that involves taking the stairs or something similar. The point is to develop rituals that make you excited and look forward to doing; whether it be having a cup of joe with your coworkers or anything else. 

2. Keep It Clean, You Filthy Animal

Take a look at your workspace, is it full of clutter? If the answer is yes, you might want to take a moment to do a little spring cleaning. Having a clean workspace will increase your productivity and your mood. Imagine being in a messy or even dirty environment. How do you feel? Most likely the answer is going to be along the lines of irritable and discontent. When the environment your working in is messy, you're going to feel the same way; eventually leading to you being lazy, overwhelmed and disorganized. 

A messy desk will keep you distracted instead of focused on the task. I know that when my work area is super cluttered, my brain matches my environment and I can’t think. In addition to that, a clean workplace discourages germs. Getting sick because of your messy environment is definitely the opposite of practicing self-care. 

Consider your workspace as a metaphor for your life, and take the time to de-stress your life and boost productivity by cleaning and organizing your workspace. Another thing to consider might be to add plants or things that might make you feel happy; like a new planner. 

3. Treat “Yoself”

We are most often times our worst critic. Take it easy on yourself and don’t demand perfection. If you end up overworked with trying to take too much on your plate, you could get the exact opposite results from what you want. If you make a mistake, take a step back, breathe, and see how to best rectify this bump in the road. Acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes and try not to dwell on it. 

A great way to reward your accomplishments is to look back at the previous quarter and acknowledge something that you did well. By doing this you are focusing on the positivity in your work and not the negative. Reward yourself with a small treat, or something that you’ll enjoy. 

Something I enjoy doing that also helps me keep organized and on task is making a to-do list daily. By developing a to-do list that is not too overwhelming, every day I feel satisfied when I am able to complete what I need to do. In addition, this minimizes procrastination and creates a sense of control in my workday. 

Self-care is something that is so often overlooked but very important. It doesn’t always mean to indulge yourself in daily spa days, as tempting as that sounds. Taking care of yourself first could simply mean having a more organized space or thought process. For more information on how to make your workday better please visit us at