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CAREER / 13 December 2016
10 Office Etiquette Tips you NEED to Know
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Chi Chung
Branding Intern

Introducing and maintaining proper office etiquette can go a long way in the professional setting. It can be the difference between enjoying going to work everyday or dreading it. Not only can these tips help you in the office environment, but also it can have a positive effect on your peers as well. Ultimately these tips will lead to a more enjoyable time in the workplace, and will promote a more positive atmosphere, which leads to more productivity. Here are 10 office etiquette tips you need to know!

  1. Make a good first impression.



Being the new person at work can be a daunting task. You feel as if you’re the odd one out and all eyes are on you. In a case like this, make sure you set an appropriate tone for your first introduction. Although it may not seem as important because you will be interacting with your business associates on a daily basis for a long period of time, setting the tone early can go a long way for the future. It gives your peers a general census of who are you are as a person with that first introduction. 

  1. Don’t come to work if you’re sick.


This is pretty simple, yet people still always show up to work when they are sick. This is selfish for two reasons. One, it hinders your performance because you are not at your maximum potential when you are sick so you don’t get as much work done. Rather, if you spend a day or two getting completely better, you will be more energized and able to return to work to maximize your potential every day. The second reason is you can potentially get your business associates sick as well, thus hindering the entire office’s production. It is pretty simple. If you’re sick, stay home. 

  1. Don’t steal all the credit.


No one likes a credit hog. If you worked on a project with a team and during a presentation. Give credit where credit is due. If your entire team worked on a project don’t take all the credit during say, a presentation. Even if your superior is only praising you, make sure you credit your other team members as well. It bides well with the team mentality and how your peers perceive you. If your other team members feel minuscule, their future performance will show it. 

  1. Arrive early.


“5 minutes early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable.” Don’t be the guy who rushes into the office a minute late trying to justify that you are on time or the guy who comes in half an hour late with an out of the world excuse of why you were late. Punctuality can make it or break it in the work force. Make sure you’re on time.


  1. Don’t leave immediately after work every time.


I realize that some days you really just need to go home, and that is okay, but don’t be the person who packs up everything 10 minutes before and waits for their shift to end. It doesn’t bode well with the productive atmosphere. If you are packing up 10 minutes before work ends, your peers just might follow, and rather than getting 10 more productive minutes of work, everyone is just sitting around doing nothing waiting for work to end.


  1. Dress to impress.


Depending on the working environment around you, dress in the appropriate manner. If you work in a retail clothing store or at the bank, make sure you are dressing to impress. In both these cases, you are representing a brand, whether a brand of clothing or a brand of the bank. For both of these cases, it is important to note you should dress for the professional setting, but also make sure it is comfortable. 

  1. Be organized.


Your workplace is your sanctuary. It is hard to work in a messy environment so make sure you have a workplace where everything can be accessible at any given time. 

  1. Manage personal hygiene.


I cannot stress this enough. Working in an office environment where you have to interact with your peers on a daily basis, you must take care of your personal hygiene. Just make sure you are approachable, so you don’t become the person in the office with the unbearable body odor.

  1. Don’t interrupt/ eavesdrop on conversation.


No one likes an eavesdropper. If there was some information that was pertinent to you, it would be directed to you. If two other people are talking, and it has nothing to do with you, don’t go listen in on their conversation. Whether it is just small talk or it may contain some sensitive information, it is not your place to pry on their conversation. Don’t make people have to be on a look out for you when they are talking because they are afraid you might be listening in on their conversation. 

  1. Don’t let your personal life interfere with professional one. 


Don’t bring the problems from your personal life into your work life. It can really take a toll on your performance in the workforce. You would not want to take your work home, so don’t take your home to your work. Keep a barrier between the two and you will be happier at work and at home. 

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