Soft Skills: Why They are Harder Than You Think and How You Can Acquire Them
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Suman Agarwal

While hard skills or domain skills are critical to do your job, soft skills lay the foundation for success in the 21st century. Soft skills are human skills that influence how you interact with others and project a winning image on a professional front. They include communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, public speaking, body language, business etiquette, etc.
JOB HUNT 07 July 2020
The New Normal: How to Look for a Job During a Pandemic
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Guest Post

To say that the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the economy is an understatement. Social distancing orders crippled thousands of businesses and companies and left millions of people without jobs. With the US unemployment rate at an all-time high of 14.7% in April and 13.3% in May, these numbers can be disheartening to anyone looking for a job. As daunting as it may seem, there are companies from different industries that are still operating and continue to have hiring requirements.
How to Get Experience When You Have No Experience
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Trainwest .

In the fiercely competitive job market of today, entry-level candidates are at a disadvantage because they don’t have the level of experience that many employers are seeking. It seems like a vicious cycle as you need experience to get experience but to get experience you need experience. Fortunately, there is a multitude of methods of building up an impressive bank of experience.
WORKPLACE SUCCESS 11 December 2019
Benefits of Power Napping at Work
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Guest Post

Something particularly popular in Italy and Spain is the idea of taking a nap after lunch so you can have a more productive afternoon and evening. While many may think that it’s just something for Europeans, the concept actually has great merit for anyone.
CAREER 08 October 2019
The Best Career Tips No One Told You About
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Serena Dorf

Most of the professionals or employed people are quite ‘okay’ with their jobs. That’s all good, except that they do not know that they could actually do better to meet their career goals, and end up with more fulfilling lifestyles.
JOB HUNT 24 September 2019
13 Things That Are Getting in the Way of Your Job Search
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Taylor Tomita

Job hunting can almost feel like a full-time job in itself, and if you’re looking for a new job while still working in your existing one, finding the time can be a real struggle. This means you need to work hard on your productivity, so that you’re not wasting precious time and can really focus on the tasks at hand.
WORKPLACE SUCCESS 10 September 2019
How to Ace the First 30 Days at a New Job
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Serena Dorf

It always feels good to find out you landed the job you were after, but the excitement about your newest professional achievement can soon begin to fade. You may find yourself worrying about fitting into an entirely new environment, especially taking in concern that first impressions you make in the workplace might be the ones you’ll have to live with for a long time.
How to Deal with a Toxic Work Environment
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John Cole

The atmosphere at work can sometimes quickly go from manageable to miserable. However, leaving your job isn’t always an option—at least not right away. So what can you do exactly when you are stuck in a toxic work environment.
Being On Time Every Time - Delivering The Work In Deadline
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Annie Megan

Are you a recent graduate? Are you hunting for a job? Or have you already got one? If any of them is the case, you are probably in the right place. You might have a good idea of how important deadlines are when it comes to student life but have you thought at all the deadlines you have to deal with when it comes to your professional life? This article will help you know what to do to be on time with your work deadlines.
JOB HUNT 04 June 2019
Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer
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Jeff Smith

Millennials are known for job hopping, but is it true? The telling factor may have to do with jobs not matching their goals and interests, making a different job seem more attractive. Since 43% of millennials plan to leave their job within the next two years, it’s critical that they know how to evaluate a job offer to make sure it’s the best fit.
Taking Your NYR to the next step
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Laurie Larson

How are those New Year’s resolutions you set coming along? Around this time of year, most people have already fallen off the wagon. And we haven’t even made it through the first quarter of the year! The world is moving at a fast pace. We run the risk of losing the race if we don’t keep up. That doesn’t mean stressing yourself out about all the things you haven’t done. It just means finding ways to work smarter to achieve your goals.
How to Improve Your Productivity at Work
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Kurt Walker

Unless you’re one of the very lucky few people who has never had problems with their focus and productivity, chances are you have had days that have ended with the feeling that you didn’t really do much. If you’re as conscientious as me, such days feel like an absolute waste and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. If you’re one of those people that subscribe to the maxim that time is money, then you probably want to make the most out of your time, which means you want to be as productive as you can every day.
5 Ultra-Effective Ways to Work Smarter, not Harder
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Carol Duke

One of the major hindrances to working smart is poor time management. By managing your time well, you can order and approach your tasks with more efficiency. Here are some tips on how you can make slight changes to the way you handle responsibilities and grow your business without increasing your workload.
11 Habits That Can Absolutely Transform Your Productivity
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Lucy Benton
Whether you are still in College or starting a new job, it can be challenging at times to stay productive. There are so many things that need to get done but have you found yourself starting to get overwhelmed and burnt out? Have you found yourself wanting to watch Netflix all day because there is just not a piece of motivation left in your body? What can be done to help you stay productive?
CAREER 04 March 2019
Use Technology for Productivity, Not for Distraction
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Sandra Rodgers
Marketer at CometDocs
Ontario, CA
Sometimes technology and procrastination go hand by hand which hurts your productivity. Find out how you can boost productivity by utilizing new technologies.
JOB HUNT 19 February 2019
20 Interview Tips from Executives
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Emily Banks

This article is a collection of tips and best practices on how to ace your job interview from experienced hiring professionals.
JOB HUNT 18 February 2019
What If You Don’t Get the Job
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Monica Chen

What if you don't get the job? What do you do when all the effort you are putting into your own job hunt doesn’t really seem to be paying off? With all the tips on how to prepare to “sell yourself” in job interviews, why does it seem like no one talks in detail about all the interviews they went through where they didn’t get the job--the interviews after which they didn’t even receive a follow-up interaction? How did they find the job they finally ended up at?
JOB HUNT 11 February 2019
How to Ace a Job Interview
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Emily Banks

The job interview is your opportunity to make your best, in-person, first impression. It is key to make a positive and lasting impression as you are meeting your potential boss and possibly even some of your future coworkers. Stay cool, calm and collected and to not to let the importance of the situation overwhelm you. Before interviewing, take the time to do a bit of research on each company so that you have a better gauge of the culture and vibe of the business. Prepare examples to highlight your strengths and personality while keeping in mind the company values so employers are impressed with what you bring to the table and are eager to learn more about you.
JOB HUNT 04 February 2019
How to Stop Procrastination When Job Hunting
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Britta Greenhalgh
Marketing Assistant
We always enjoy working with candidates. We have been around long enough to see what has helped candidates find success when job hunting. We have also seen what has negatively affected their experiences and performances. The biggest problem we found when with working with candidates is those who procrastinate had a difficult time finding success. Instead of putting off more things, try these few tips to help you get back on track and land your dream job.
The Importance of 'Water Cooler Talk’
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Emily Banks

When was the last time you chatted with your co-workers about their weekend plans or the local team’s chances in the playoffs? If you can’t recall, it’s time to gather around the water cooler and start discussing the chances of rain this weekend. Your company culture depends on it.
CAREER 18 January 2019
7 Tips for Preparing for a One-year Break in Your Career
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Alex Lawson

For many working professionals, the daily grind of office life can make the idea of quitting—even for a year—very appealing. There are quite a few people who take a year off after they leave college, but what about those that didn’t? Is it possible to take that year now? In the middle of your career?
JOB HUNT 05 January 2019
5 Job Search Tips to Use When You're Under Qualified for a Job
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Teresa Brashear

You’ve read plenty of job postings that sound like great jobs. The only problem is that you don’t quite measure up in the eyes of the employer. Maybe you meet 85% of the job expectations and miss out on the other 15%. Perhaps you have all the skills required except one or you’re shy on number of years of experience. How will you ever get your foot in the door?
How Busy Business Pros Can Give Unhealthy Stress the Boot and Kickstart Their Success
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Eva Benoit

If you are a busy professional, then nobody needs to tell you about stress. After all, it’s part of your daily life. In some circumstances, you may thrive in it. But while stress can be a motivating force — something that keeps you striving to be better and more successful — it can also be unhealthy if it’s out of control. In order to truly move forward in your career, you must get a handle on your excess stress. Here are some ways to give it the boot.
JOB HUNT 22 December 2018
How to Write a Perfect CV for the Job of Your Dream
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Peter Hill

You finally have the opportunity to use your CV for the job of your dreams. That’s awesome. But how can you make sure that your CV will land you an immediate interview? There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration while writing the “perfect” resume, many of which you haven’t even thought about.
JOB HUNT 11 December 2018
Qualities Graduates Should Possess While Applying for a Job
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Michelle Lambert

Good grades from a college or university and working experience will definitely get you an interview, but that doesn't mean you are guaranteed a job. So what do employers look for that will help you get a job? Apart from being qualified for the job, Employers look for qualities that will benefit the company, fellow colleagues and customers.