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JOB HUNT / 04 February 2019
How to Stop Procrastination When Job Hunting
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Britta Greenhalgh
Marketing Assistant
JOB HUNT / 11 December 2018
Qualities Graduates Should Possess While Applying for a Job
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Michelle Lambert

WORKPLACE SUCCESS / 26 November 2018
7 Ways to Create Communication Culture in the Workplace
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Serena Dorf

JOB HUNT / 05 November 2018
How to be Self-motivated When Searching For a Job
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Erica Sunarjo
Guest Poster
CAREER / 20 March 2018
Making a Career Change? Here’s How to Craft Your Resume
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Tiffany Rowe
Marketing Administrator
CAREER / 12 July 2017
How to Remain Optimistic During the Job Hunt
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Kelly Nguyen

Getting rejected from a job, Staying motivated, productivity, internship, job, bouncing back
JOB HUNT / 14 December 2016
So, You Didn’t Get the Job. 10 Motivating Tips to Help You Bounce Back
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Gisel Malek
Content Marketer
Leader, Leadership, Working on a Team, Work Relations, Job, Communications Skills, Decision Making
SKILLS DEVELOPMENT / 14 December 2016
10 Traits of Leadership Every Job Candidate Should Have
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Gisel Malek
Content Marketer

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CAREER 08 October 2019
The Best Career Tips No One Told You About
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Serena Dorf

Most of the professionals or employed people are quite ‘okay’ with their jobs. That’s all good, except that they do not know that they could actually do better to meet their career goals, and end up with more fulfilling lifestyles.
JOB HUNT 24 September 2019
13 Things That Are Getting in the Way of Your Job Search
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Taylor Tomita

Job hunting can almost feel like a full-time job in itself, and if you’re looking for a new job while still working in your existing one, finding the time can be a real struggle. This means you need to work hard on your productivity, so that you’re not wasting precious time and can really focus on the tasks at hand.
WORKPLACE SUCCESS 10 September 2019
How to Ace the First 30 Days at a New Job
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Serena Dorf

It always feels good to find out you landed the job you were after, but the excitement about your newest professional achievement can soon begin to fade. You may find yourself worrying about fitting into an entirely new environment, especially taking in concern that first impressions you make in the workplace might be the ones you’ll have to live with for a long time.
How to Deal with a Toxic Work Environment
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John Cole

The atmosphere at work can sometimes quickly go from manageable to miserable. However, leaving your job isn’t always an option—at least not right away. So what can you do exactly when you are stuck in a toxic work environment.
Being On Time Every Time - Delivering The Work In Deadline
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Annie Megan

Are you a recent graduate? Are you hunting for a job? Or have you already got one? If any of them is the case, you are probably in the right place. You might have a good idea of how important deadlines are when it comes to student life but have you thought at all the deadlines you have to deal with when it comes to your professional life? This article will help you know what to do to be on time with your work deadlines.

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